The Top DIY SEO Tips That Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy
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The Top DIY SEO Tips That Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Those in the digital marketing sector have a clear idea that search engine optimization takes time and money. You cannot make magic within a few days and get on the first page results. However, it is also true that you need the strategies that are updated to the latest algorithms requirement to see good results within a few days. Hence, if you are searching for the best do-it-yourself SEO tips to improve your website rankings, check the points given below.

Improve title tags

Did you check the highest-level category pages? Research says that eCommerce category pages must drive up to 32 percent more organic search traffic than the product pages. Even though it is something that you can get it done by hiring search engine marketing services in USA, but knowing them makes it more useful from your end.

Many don’t know that slight change to a title-tag can make a whole lot of difference, particularly when the ecommerce platform produces default titles established on the labels in the taxonomy and the site’s name.

Also, check if your title tags make sense or not. Is it possible to make them more particular or relevant?

Know your competition

Understanding your competition is one of the most significant needs of making a sound marketing strategy. You are required to identify your organic search competitors. The sites sell the same product or services and sites with information and retailers that compete for similar keyword phrases. Whether it is Vogue magazine or Wikipedia, if they are taking up space in the search result’s pages, you need to know,

  • How are they doing well in the organic search?
  • The content themes they have included, and you have not
  • The way they have structured their site for targeting keywords
  • How they engaging shoppers?

You are also needed to go through the reviews along with the social media activity for determining the products or site info which can be utilized to enhance your offerings and user experience.

Map keywords

Map keywords is another significant thing that should be done because you need to know what your target audience wants and the search phrases they use. The best way is to make a spreadsheet of all the important pages in the site’s navigation and map special primary and secondary keywords to each. Make new pages for unassigned keywords of high significance.

It is also advised to use long-tail keywords that drive fewer searches and are generally more particular, like ‘how to improve SEO ranking’ or ‘how to find the best SEO agency in USA’ in the blog posts.

Optimize your site

The next step is on-page SEO that includes:

  • Making sure to update the content on the pages to include the keywords
  • Make new pages for the unassigned keywords with beautiful and relevant graphics, text, audio and video
  • Launching a new keyword-rich part, like an education portal or blog

Boost link equity

The best way to define link equity is the amount of high-quality, topically similar sites which link to yours. Contextual similarity and link equity are the best two organic ranking elements that matter. By mixing content marketing and link acquisition, it is possible to boost link equity naturally.

When it comes to content marketing for SEO, it requires creating videos, articles, and podcasts which your target audience would want to link to and share. When the exposure of the content increases, it naturally augments the potential for the links.

However, link acquisition is about identifying high-value pages which are typically similar. It also means determining the ways to make your content valuable to that site owner.

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