Why Should You Know These Digital Marketing Trends For Your Company?
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Why should you know these digital marketing trends for your company?

There was a time when data-driven marketing, artificial intelligence, and voice search engine optimization were considered ambitious bordering on outlandish notions. However, these technological innovations have become one of the topmost priorities for businesses in contemporary times.

This had to happen because businesses need to walk parallel in terms of technological evolution and stay ahead in the current online marketing competition. So either you adapt to the rapidly evolving digital marketing scenario or stay behind to watch your competitors rise.

We live in an era where consumer interests and behaviors are hard to predict, and technology marketing moves faster than before. In other words, marketers can no more relax, but they need to stay alert all the time if they want the business to be just one click away from their potential customers. Read on to find out the top marketing trends followed by the best digital marketing companies in USA.

Artificial intelligence

It is needless to say that 2020 is a year where artificial intelligence is going to dominate the digital world. Moreover, we can anticipate that artificial intelligence will be at the heart of global business in the upcoming days. Although it has already started, it is evident from the fact that it has taken over many simple jobs.

For instance, Uber and Microsoft use Knightscope K5 robots for guarding the parking lot areas plus large outdoor areas for preventing crime. The robots are capable of reporting suspicious activity, reading license plates, and collect these data to report to their owners. In addition, one can rent these robots for $7 an hour that is much affordable than hiring security services.

In case of marketing, AI can assess and understand consumer’s behavior as well as offer data collected from social media to businesses, which helps in understanding how customers come to know regarding their services and products.

Programmatic Advertising

When artificial intelligence is used to automate ad buying for targeting more particular audiences, it is called programmatic advertising.  The automation we are discussing here is very efficient and quick, which provides higher conversions and lesser customer acquisition.

Programmatic advertising is rapidly changing the face of digital advertising that it is expected that maximum digital display ads in the USA will follow this method by the end of 2020.


Another thing that is going to be common and important in digital marketing 2020 is chatbots. You may have already seen various companies in different industries are using chatbots to interact with their customers. Whether it is day or night, weekday or holiday, one will be able to solve their issues with these chatbot’s help.

According to a recent survey done by a popular digital marketing magazine, it has been found that:

  • One of the top advantages of chatbots is 24/7 service, instant responses, plus fast answers to simple questions.
  • Chatbots will power 85% of customer service by the end of 2020.
  • Today, around 63% of respondents choose to message an online chatbot for communicating with a brand or business.
  • It is anticipated that by 2022 chatbots will save businesses over 8 billion dollars per annum.

It is a real fact that nowadays, many customers prefer chatbots because they get a fast reply, correctly recalls your complete purchasing history, and you can solve your problem quickly.

Conversational Marketing

Have you heard about Conversational Marketing? There are chances that you might have noticed it on many websites by now because most businesses are using it on their website. Conversational marketing is also similar to chatbot because it offers the right answers to a customer’s question before purchasing. It is a real-time connection between customers and marketers that facilitate an easy conversion.

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