4 Popular Ecommerce Platforms Expected To Hog The Limelight In 2016
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4 Popular Ecommerce Platforms Expected to Hog the Limelight in 2016

Answer to the question that what is the single most significant trend that is popular on internet at present is ecommerce business. Every new day hundreds of new sites are emerging. The competition is tough but opportunities are many. Both B2B and B2C business operations take place at ecommerce sites. Only few among them emerge as the winners and it greatly depends upon the selected ecommerce platform to develop them. Developers are introducing many next generation techniques to create new online stores. Few popular CMS platforms that are expected to hog the limelight this year have been mentioned below.


If you want to introduce a multi-efficient online store then there is hardly any better option than Magento CMS platform. This platform is preferred by mid to big enterprises so as to enlist large number of products with diverse categories. Most online stores get negative points owing to its tactless and dysfunctional landing and checkout pages. But with Magento, you get multiple options of creating search engine friendly landing and checkout pages.

One significant objective that the organisation wants to accomplish is to grow its prospering third-party provider group. Proficient ecommerce development company creates third-party extensions to enhance the in-built functions of the site.


USP of Shopify is its simplified treatment to manage numerous products and its inventory. This year, the main objective of Shopify is to expand its partner network. For this, the organisation is expanding its app n this direction.

Woo Commerce

WordPress has come a long way after is primary stage of offering dynamic blog-sites. Its popular plugin Woo Commerce has helped it to generate a multi-purpose CMS platform for niche audience. Compared with all online stores, its presence is 37 percent. One of the most customizable foundations to build your ecommerce site, WooCommerce is a multi-speciality CMS platform.


BigCommerce has a good track record regarding generation of high traffic and high conversion. Compared with Magento, development cost of a site built on BigCommerce is a quarter of the former. Over the year it is expected to grow at the rate of 28 percent.

The organisation has prioritised its API development for this year and aims to reinforce its messaging service around its new theme engine namely Stencil.

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