How To Choose The Right Key Terms To Rank High On Google?
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How to Choose the Right Key Terms to Rank High On Google?

Higher chances that you want more traffic for your website. After all, more traffic means that you will boost business revenue. However, you realize more traffic is well and good, but no guarantee that you will get more leads to increase revenue. If you get the bad type of traffic, your revenue will pause when you are not getting the content in front of the right group of people.

Instead of focusing on getting better quality traffic, one way to do this is to prioritize ranking for high intent keywords. For example, the number one Google search result for a particular query has an average click-through rate (CTR) of about 32%.

Hence, keeping mind, you should know how the keyword rankings work in SEO and how to choose the right keywords for the content. If you want to get good rankings on search engines, be sure that you choose the right company that offers digital marketing services.

What Is Keyword Ranking in SEO?

The “keyword” in SEO is the word or phrase someone puts into a search engine like Google and Bing. The search engine will show results that match what the users are looking for. The “keyword ranking” is the position in search results for a particular search query.

Some Of The Basics Of Choosing The Keywords- 

  • The average keyword gets roughly around 980 searches each month
  • Around 14% of keyword searches involve a query
  • Keywords generally vary in length, but the average is 1.9 words long

SEO or search engine optimization means optimizing the content using the right keywords to improve the page rankings.

Why Are The SEO Keyword Rankings Important?

Organic searches generally drive traffic. The recent data shows that at least 52% of traffic comes from organic search results. To attract traffic, you need to elevate the SEO keyword rankings. If you want to get ranked 1 on search engines, you need to be more strategic regarding choosing the keywords and how you will use them in a digital marketing campaign.

Tips to Consider When Choosing the Keywords

 Choosing the right keywords will help you bring more rankings, and making it is not too easy. To make the process easier, here are some tips you need to follow.

  • Search Volume


Search volume is how many times the users search for a particular keyword within a specific period. This search volume will reveal the popularity and competitiveness of a keyword. The higher the search volume, the higher the risk you have low-quality traffic.

  • CPC

The cost-per-click or CPC is how much you will pay when someone clicks on the paid Ads. First, you choose the keywords to bid on, and then you will decide the maximum amount you can pay forbidding the clicks. If CPC is high, this means that it is likely to convert. If the CPC is low, organic traffic conversion will be low, or it is not competitive.

  • SEO Difficulty

SEO Difficulty is the score that reflects how challenging is to rank for a particular keyword. Therefore, the lower the difficulty, the easier it will be to rank for the keyword.

  • Paid Difficulty

Paid difficulty refers to how easy or hard to rank the keyword in paid search results. If the paid difficulty is great, you will pay more for the keyword. On the other hand, low difficulty keywords are easy to rank, but they are not worth paying for.

To get good rankings, you need to set the keyword right. The team at Fitser will guide you regarding how to make a proper keyword strategy to have a good ranking on search engines.

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