Check Out The Top 5 Node.js Frameworks That Developers Love To Use
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Check Out the Top 5 Node.js Frameworks That Developers Love to Use

Node.js is said to be one of the best frameworks that are used by developers all around. It is a free and open-source server platform that runs on various platforms. In Node.js, JS is the standard extension to the JavaScript code. The collaborative program accelerates this framework by the Linux Foundation. Node.js is supported by macOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows and so on. All its applications are event-driven, and it runs smoothly on all the platforms.

Node.js is best for making video streaming apps, newsfeeds, websites, games, single-page apps, etc. There are mainly three types of Node JS frameworks available- MVC, Full-stack MVC and REST API. Here are some features that make Node.js one of the best ones in the market, and they include-

  • It is light in weight, fast and scalable 
  • It has reusable code and real-time application
  • It has an event-driven model
  • It has a wide range of library support
  • It has no buffering and is easy to learn and implement
  • Has good community support
  • Consistent source code
  • Has secured front-end and back-end development 
  • Has effective client app request handling
  • Has improved productivity and less development time

Some of the reputed organizations using Node.js are Uber, eBay, Medium, PayPal, NASA, LinkedIn, and many more.

What Makes Node.js So Popular Among Developers

There are major reasons why most of the developers nowadays love to use Node.js to develop lots of applications, and they are-

  • The codebase is consistent and clean
  • It is best for agile development and prototyping
  • It makes the enterprise applications faster, and it is scalable
  • It uses the JavaScript language
  • It has a huge ecosystem that offers open-source libraries

What Is the Architecture of Node.js

It is very important to have a good architecture while developing so that the experts can track future changes. Node.js has a single thread event loop architecture, allowing easy handling of multiple concurrent demands.

It does not follow any traditional multi-thread request-response model that uses multiple threads for handling several client requests. This model is mainly used to make complex programs that create difficulties for the software developers. As it is the JavaScript event-based model, it has a JavaScript call back system too. Together, these features make it a great architecture and a good model for developers to work for.

Top Node.js Frameworks to Choose From

  • Express.js

It is one of the best Node.js frameworks that TJ Holowaychuk built. This framework helps developers create single enterprise apps and double-page and hybrid apps. It allows rendering HTML pages. Some of the features of this framework involve-

  1. It has the model controller feature that helps to build eccentric applications
  2. It acts like the routing table or set of routing libraries
  3. It supports 14+ engine templates and HTTP methods
  4. It allows injection of heavy loaded package that further helps to extend the functionality of the framework
  • Sails.js

It is one of the most favoured Node.js frameworks built on top of Express.js, and it is the real-time model-view-controller framework for your Node.js. It helps the developers assemble the REST APIs, make the single-page apps and so on. It is a flawless JavaScript solution that helps make different front-end technologies and multiple databases. Some of the features of Sails.js include-

  1. Real-time functionality support
  2. It has net WebSocket Protocol support
  3. It has compatibility with most of the databases
  4. Creation of front-end and back-end Node.js app
  5. It has multiple database connectivity with ORM
  6. It has auto-generation of REST APIs
  • Nest.js

It is the adaptable and versatile REST API framework to build scalable Node.js server-side applications. It is shaped with TypeScript that further helps maintain compatibility with Pure JavaScript and has Object-Oriented Programming, Functional Reactive Programming, and Functional Programming modules. Some of the features of this framework include-

  1. Extensible, progressive and versatile
  2. Has clear and reusable code
  3. Simple learning curve
  4. It improves back-end productivity
  5. Use of high-level constructs like filters and interceptors
  • Meteors.js

It is an easy and full-stack Node.js framework that is best to build web and mobile applications. It is compatible with web iOS, android and desktop models. This framework makes the application development easy by offering a platform to be in a similar language like JavaScript. It operates in one language and offers a wide set of features for flexible app development. Here are some features to know about Meteors.js-

  1. It is an isomorphic cross-platform framework with code implementation facilitated in modern-day JavaScript. 
  2. Easy to use and easy to integrate with various platforms and programming languages like Angular and React. 
  3. It facilitates speed in all levels with faster application interaction and fast loading results 
  4. It has universal code support for different devices, and it is light in weight

It is the full-stack Node.js framework, and it is one of the best suited for use with different languages. It has multiplexing support and is used to make real-time applications that need reliable and instant connections. It enables binary communication and has great development speed for API integrations and other real-time characteristics. Some of the features include-

  1. Custom URL routing for web sockets that facilitate reliable connectivity with few lines of codes
  2. Binary steaming support and multiplexing with effective socket management features
  3. APIs for client and server-side development for real-time applications
  4. Real-time analytics features with auto-reconnection support, correction and robust error detection

These are some popular frameworks of Node.js that are ruling the market, and developers like to use them in development. Want to have a new web app for your business? Consult the team from a reputed website development and web design company in the USA. 

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