4 Popular Types Of Web App Development Options You Must Know
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4 Popular Types of Web App Development Options You Must Know

Though the mobile apps are quite trending these days, the demand for website applications has not yet diminished. As the web apps are easily developed, businesses still rely on web application development for targeting the audience and increase sales. eCommerce sites are one of the most popular examples of web applications you see recently. Web application development is different from mobile apps in terms of functionality and process.

The development of the web apps is not limited to the smartphones or the tablets, but the application is designed to run on any browser, mobiles, laptops and computers. In this blog, you will come to know about the various types of web app developments and how they differ from each other. Keep on reading to know more-

  1. Static Web Application Development

When you think to choose the static website app, The first thing to know is that this type of application generally displays a very small portion of the content, and it is not at all flexible. The static website applications are usually developed in the HTML and CSS, but these are not the ones only, there are various other platforms by which you can develop the static websites as like the jQuery and Ajax. They are easy to operate and convenient too. You can also display animated objects like the videos, banners and GIFs.

However, you should know that the modification of static apps is not easy. Or doing this, you should first download the HTML code then you have to modify it and send back to the server. These changes can only be possible by the development company or the webmaster. As per the professionals working in the web application development company in the USA like Fitser, suggest designing portfolios and digital resumes with the help of static web applications. Even a single page that represents the company can also make use of static web application.

  1. eCommerce websites

As said earlier, it is one of the trendiest and most demanding web applications available. If you need an online store for your business, you should choose the eCommerce portal. The development of this type of site is complicated as it has an additional electronic payment gateway that is made through the credit cards, Paypal and so on. The developer also has to make a separate panel for the administrator that will be used for the listing of new products, update them, delete the entries and manage the applications. This web app fits in the same way as mobile apps do, making it easy for interaction.

  1. Dynamic web applications

The dynamic web applications are just different from static web apps. They are much more complex and technical. The dynamic web apps use the database for loading the data and contents which to be updated each time the user access. The dynamic web app has the administrative panel called CMS, where the administrators correct or modify the application contents, whether it is the image or the texts. PHP and ASP are the two common languages used to develop dynamic web apps.

  1. Portal web apps 

Through the portal web app, the developer tries to indicate the type of application that accesses various sections or categories through the same home page. These applications have lots of things as like the emails, browsers, forums, chats and so on.

Apart from these options, animated web applications are also popular among users. You can develop the website app as per your business needs and budget. However, it is essential to discuss your needs with the developer along with checking the reviews of the same. For the best services, you can hire the website app developer from Fitser, one of the leading web app development service providers.

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