User Interface Plays A Vital Role In Mobile App Development
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5 Reasons Why UI plays a Vital Role of in Mobile Application Development

At Fitser, a quick look at the Android or Apple app store is enough to tell us how the market has been flooded with a slew of applications, since the advent of handheld smart-devices. Hence, it has become a real challenge for businesses who wish for their application to stand-out in the crowd of apps from competing franchises and freelance developers. As the competition intensifies, the vital role of UI in mobile application development becomes all the more evident.

Why is UI design so important?

When our clients try to discourage us from focusing too much on the aesthetic qualities of their application’ interface, we try to educate them otherwise. The UI design is essential for several reasons, because:

i. First impressions matter

When you launch an app in its beta version, the aim is to get a controlled group of users to provide critical feedback on the app, so the maiden version is flawless. However, as you launch successive versions of your business app, the previous versions themselves become beta versions.

You do not want customers to grow fond of your application’s interface eventually; you want to captivate their attention right away. This very reason is why the aesthetic quality of the app interface matters.

ii. Successful marketing

Your business application is a mobile extension of your business brand; you are using it to market your products and services to customers. So, if the UI is non-functional or visually off-putting, then it does not achieve much marketing-wise, by driving away loyal customers to your competitors.

iii. Brand value

If you wish to escalate your brand value and identity without having to ramp up the overall imagery, then you should always pay importance to the color scheme, layout, graphics, buttons, etc. At Fitser, we go far as to emphasize on the typography used in the user interface for your client applications.

iv. Clear-cut communication

A mobile application’s primary agenda is to provide an extension for your services and products. But, mostly, it can be boiled down to an exchange of information that allows your customers to attach value to your brand. However, if there is no importance attached to the UI design, then it makes it difficult for your customers to navigate the tabs and pages.

Eventually, the lack of clarity in communication will dissuade them from moving to a competitor’s app. To nip this in the bud, we always stress for try to come up with intuitive but straightforward UI’s for clients.

v. Form and function

As mentioned in the last point, complexity reduces the clarity of communication. Several app developers insert a lot of trivial tasks that not only mar the UI visual quality but also ruin the UX. App developers and their clients must always focus on incorporating a form and functionality that is purposeful. A limited number of useful functions increases the practicality of the app. The vital role of UI in mobile application development is realized when an app becomes popular for one unique feature, rather than multiple useless functions.

So, if you are looking to make the most of your business app’s UI, then do not hesitate to contact Fitser. We understand the importance of a well-executed UI.

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