5 SEO Techniques To Help You Boost Social Media Reach
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5 SEO Techniques to Help You Boost Social Media Reach

Web2.0 conventions dictate that for a respectable online presence of any kind, an entity must pay equal attention to SEO, as well as social media visibility. Regardless of whether you are promoting a service, a product or a person, you need to have a well-mapped social media marketing strategy so your social medial campaign finds success. The leading digital marketing and SEO services in USA, such as Fitser, actually rely on a number of SEO techniques to get their social media marketing to yield the best results.

Make no mistake; using search engine optimization tactics to boost your social media campaign is easier said than done.  Not every SEO trick can help get the job done. Hence, only the best in the business know how to strike the two birds with one stone. If you wish to be one of them, then you may start off with the following:

  1. Content volume

In SEO campaigns, the rule of thumb is that the higher your content volume, the greater your chances for prominence on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). It is plain math- you post good quality content that fetches audience, you have many pages as such, the leading search engines direct traffic to your sites, more than your competitors.

Similarly, if you continuously post quality content on social media, it will work wonders for your brand visibility. For our own part, we believe that better the content quality and volume, the greater the number of interactions.

  1. Reliance on keywords

It is common knowledge that well-researched, accurate keywords are likely to invite more traffic than others. A website that is rich with keywords that are popular will always draw traffic once crawled by search engines.

However, keywords are not just a part of SEO. Keywords can play a huge role in efficient social media marketing as well. If you use any specific search word (not a proper noun) in the search function of some leading social media sites, then it will throw up results containing said word. Thus, simply by using the right keywords you can ensure that your posts become regularly viral.

  1. Trigger content

Trigger content is actually a very bankable means of increasing your site traffic. If your site features content that is eye-catching, racy, informative, unique or features any trending keywords or hash tags, then it is bound to pull crowds.

In the same way, if your social media handle publishes content that is informative, sensual or attractive, the visitors shall be hard-pressed not to interact with it. We have seen it first-hand in our tenure.

  1. Good imagery equals good digital marketing

The adage of ‘a picture can paint a thousand words’ is very applicable in an SEO context. Graphic imagery is highly responsible for capturing the attention of the audience. Normally, if a website blog consists of relevant, informative, high-definition imagery, it attracts a greater crowd than a similar content with low quality graphics.

The same concept can be applied to social media posting techniques. If you have quality images that fit the context along with your SMM content, then it is going to garner a loot of attention from users.

  1. Effective back-linking

Back-linking is a very resourceful technique to increase your website traffic. It eventually helps the website get ranked high up in the SERPs by the leading search engines, as visitors from other hyperlinks follow the links to your website.

You can boost both your social media handle and your website at once if you back-link content posted on your social media back to your website.

These are some of the sure-fire SEO techniques that we rely on at Fitser, for grass-root level social media management.

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