5 Trends In Digital Marketing And Seo Services.
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5 Trends Embraced by Digital Marketing and SEO Services USA in 2019

At Fitser, we always believe in pushing the envelope for quality digital marketing in the United States. We take pride in confessing that our existing clients have experienced tremendous success heading into 2019 with our unique, impactful digital marketing strategies. However, 2019 also brings with it fresh digital marketing trends that seek to evolve the practices of the yesteryear. As business intends to make the most of these trends, Digital Marketing and SEO Services in the USA have geared up to incorporate these trends in their expertise; and Fitser aims to lead the charge in the latest and greatest innovations in the field of online marketing in 2019.

Top 5 trends in Digital Marketing in 2019

Digital marketing has revolutionized advertising as we know it since the advent of web2.0. While more and more business owners awaken across the world to the benefits of digital marketing, the domain continues to evolve and expand, redefining online marketing as we know it. The following are some of the trends which look to stand-out in 2019:

i. Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

The popular digital transformation programs have allowed businesses to diversify their digital marketing strategies by tapping into omnichannel marketing strategies. Omnichannel marketing aims to incorporate unorthodox means of marketing to ensure that service advertisements reach target demographics across different digital platforms.

It involves going outside the known conventions of retail marketing to cater to customers even when they switch from one platform to another.

ii. Tailored Customer Experience

In the past, our in-house teams use to offer a digital marketing strategy that had a much-generalized approach. The marketing strategy utilized the same advertising pitches to engage all customers. However, the need of the hour shows the requirement for a policy which surpasses the ‘one size, fits all’ tactic.
Two of the leading digital marketing trends of today that we aim to embrace and master are Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMPs and Progressive Web Apps or PWAs. These technologies aim to provide a progressive mobile website and web apps experience to customers, allowing better operational speeds and dynamic content generation tailored to customer preferences.

iii. Search Marketing

Digital marketing is influenced a lot by how the demographics utilize the most popular web search tools. Bearing in mind the recent changes rolled out to Google’s search engine algorithm. The focus is on more tight integration between Google Ads, Data Studio, etc. and the performance of these webmaster tools by Google Analytics.

With Google Analytics data, digital marketing services can concentrate on aspects like site loading times and their influence on customers. At Fitser, we have already acknowledged Google Search’s algorithm change to rank low-performing sites a diminished ranking. It is the perfect kick start that businesses need to fine-tune their services for optimal customer experience.

iv. Trends in Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Instagram were the leading social media sites with marketing potential. In 2019, we see the entry of other social media influence platforms like Snapchat. The usage of these applications by consumers who fall into different age groups also seeks to shake-up social media marketing in 2019.

Instagram’s viability as a social media platform relevant for digital marketing, at par with Facebook, became evident by the end of 2019. Digital Marketing and SEO Services in the USA, such as ourselves, have also taken notice of the vital contribution that Facebook has made to digital marketing, is extending Facebook Messenger’s potential as a digital marketing platform.

v. Email Marketing

Email marketing has also witnessed some resourceful changes. The impetus has shifted to interactivity in email marketing tactics, especially on the handheld platform. Email marketing plays a significant role in omnichannel marketing strategies, as well.

At Fitser, our eyes are on the other trends on the horizon, which look to normalize more innovative digital marketing trends by 2020.

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