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5 Ways in which E-commerce Website Development is Changing in 2019

The online shopping industry currently is worth billions and is growing rapidly. To keep up with the growing demand, retailers are changing and adapting at a rapid rate as well.
Understanding the Scenario
Being recognized as a capable, competent and reliable e-commerce website development company in Canada, we understand the need for assistance. A business cannot survive without actively implementing strategies. At the same time, it is crucial to have a clear idea about the market as well.

Points Needed to be Explored
Since the beginning, our goal has been bringing the best of services to our clients. To that end, we keep a tab on the market. Such a topic is the way in which e-commerce website development is changing in 2019.
The points that you need to know and remember are:

The Rise of Marketplace will Continue to Grow
In the beginning, the online marketplace was tiny in size. With the growth in the use of mobile devices and easy access to the internet, more people are getting involved in online shopping. There are multiple e-commerce websites, hence, the competition is extremely high. The competition will keep on growing in 2019 and the marketplace will only get bigger.

Automation will do much more than Saving Time
The practice of automation of inventory and fulfillment of the same across sale channels will gain further importance. With the growing size of the marketplace and newer ways of buying products, implementation of automation is becoming more powerful. Manual operations will lose traction completely.

AI, AR and Chatbots will Secure their Place in Retail
Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Chatbots are already making inroads both in stores and homes. This is happening due to the practical use of technology. Businesses with e-commerce websites are trying their best to ensure a better shopping experience for their clients. Technologies like AI, AR and Chatbots will add further convenience to the process of online shopping. These tools will also help small and medium-sized businesses to do better and have a fighting chance at the market.

Introduction of Voice Commerce
In 2019, voice commerce has gained so much popularity and spotlight that it is bound to get its own mention. We, as a reliable e-commerce website development company in Canada, are pretty sure that voice command-based shopping experience will only gain traction and fineness. People using mobile devices have already been using voice commands to conduct a number of tasks, online shopping is one of them.

*-Unique and Personalized Experience will become more Important than Discounts
Offering deals and discounts have always been one of the best ways to make more sell. With changing time though, shopping habits are changing as well. For instance, they are more inclined to choose a personalized experience over a deal. Businesses investing in unique brand experience to fit customer values and likings properly are bound to stay ahead of the competition.
After analyzing the market, our experts have come to the realization that e-commerce marketing is changing. To incorporate these changes, e-commerce website development needs to modify itself accordingly. We at Fitser are always here to help.

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