Web Design Trends In 2019 That Are Gaining Widespread Popularity
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5 Web Design Trends in 2019 That Are Gaining Widespread Popularity

Web design is a digital chameleon. Web design conventions come and go, make comebacks, ramp up creativity. In 2019, like every other year, web design has introduced some exciting trends that redefine the way we look at web graphics. At Fitser, we are stressing on web design trends in 2019 that web design and development companies in USA are following. Design conventions that were considered to be kitsch in the past are deemed artistic and vibrant now. Asymmetric layouts and bold colour schemes look to further creativity.

Five web design trends in 2019

In 2019, we firmly believe that the trends are going to gravitate towards the following:

i. Serifs on the screen

Even up until the recent past, designers preferred sans typography for website designs as well as app designs. Serifs in this juncture were limited to a sparse use. However, if the last quarter of 2018 and the trends of 2019 so far are to be acknowledged, then serif is gaining more popularity. Serif fonts have a much more upbeat visual impact. They are also immensely versatile.

ii. Black-and-white color palette

The gravity of a monochromatic color palette is unparalleled. Black-and-white color palettes will always remain timeless, and when used in the right way, it can be employed to portray a serious mood. It is the reason why so many web designers are relying on a black-and-white color palette to come up with impressive business websites.

At Fitser, we have already tried to capitalize on the trend by coming up with neat black-and-white landing pages with contextual stock photography or graphics.

iii. Geometric impressionism

Geometric impressionism is making it big in 2019. You will find designers showing preferences for geometric grid-like homepage panel designs. The sharp geometric designs offer a sense of neat, stable design that is easy on the eyes.

Some designers love to toy around with geometric asymmetry using stock images and CSS for the homepage panel design as well. Free-drawn elements, paint splatters, animated or optically illusive designs are also in vogue.

iv. Glitch art

Glitch art is an art form that celebrates the imagery, videography and typography of the ’80s. It is a retrospective art style and is striking quite the chord with today’s youth. The focus is on font styles that were popular in the ’80s, fluorescent color palettes, grainy image quality, etc. The highly visually appealing and unorthodox style has invaded social media after influencing web designers in 2019.

v. Micro-interactive design

Micro-interactions are another popular trend for web design and development companies in USA, infused in web designs to offer an element of surprise and amusement when you interact with any aspect of the web design. A micro-interaction could be an animation, a sound effect, or an automated mailer. It adds a human touch to a virtual process and increases engagement time for visitors on your site.

Most of these elements have been actively incorporated into Fitser’s designs and should be reflective in our upcoming projects.

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