An Overview On Right Time To Email Marketing
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An Overview on Right Time to Email Marketing

A common knowledge amongst the email marketers is that most of the people tend to check their emails in the morning during the weekdays. But who doesn’t know that the time is ever-changing! A surprising result on email marketing benchmark study conducted over different industries revealed that a large number of recipients remain active at late-night. In fact, those late-night groups tend to click-through more than other groups of people. With the ever-increasing use of mobile devices, more than 54% of the emails are opened on mobile devices during the time between 9pm to 12am.

In order to achieve success in email marketing campaign, you should do some study for optimising the email timing for your customers instead of relying on the traditional morning hours. You need to play the role of an investigator observing small details of your audience and thus, you will be able to build a smart launching point for the influencer marketing field.

If you are really eager to know the right time for email marketing, you must contemplate on these crucial points –

Consider the type of business and brand

The business type and its brand play a pivotal role on setting the tone of emails and their timing. For example, if you own a B2B company, the weekdays are better option for starting your email marketing For the freelancer or lone entrepreneur, the weekends can be better option.

Locate your audience

This is an undoubtedly an important factor where you need to consider whether all your audiences belong to your local time-zone. If they are not, you must find out the ideal timings when they tend to open their emails mostly. Make sure that the ideal timing means within an hour after delivery. In case of diversity of the audience across all types of geographical timelines, you need to divide them in different segments.

Check when your audience becomes active online

Of course, people keep in touch with the internet and check their emails every now and then in these days. But, you need to find out the right time when their activity and engagement rates are higher. It has been found that people using desktops are more likely to open the emails compared to the people using mobile devices. Sometimes, you can take help of the apps to find out when people are more tend to remain active online.

Specify the kind of email you are sending

The right time for email marketing also depends on what kind of email you are going to send. When the email opening rates are higher at the starting of a week and click-through rates are higher during the end of the week, you can follow a trick – send some emails containing updates and blog posts at the earlier of the week and call-to-action emails for purchase, signups and deals later part of the week.

Use your existing clues

Remember, you already have some clues in your hands. You have your email history as effective data. You need to study them properly to create impression about the influencer marketing. Those data about the behavioural email campaign certainly help you to gain knowledge about the time when people are more prone to open the emails.

So, which is the right time for email marketing? If you are puzzled between Wednesday morning and Sunday night, all we can say that there is no such specific answer. If you really eager to see some improvements, you must follow some email marketing split tests and then see when you get the best response from the recipients.

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