Best Ways Of Doing A/B Testing That You Wanted To Know
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Best Ways of Doing A/B Testing That You Wanted to Know


Many do not know that A/B testing is a portion of CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization. In the current times, the problem that most companies face is converting visitors into customers or towards a particular action. If you are talking about CRO, it is mainly employed for using analytics and user insights to amplify the performance of the website.

Important facts about A/B or Split testing

In actuality, A/B testing or Split Testing is done to compare marketing elements like layouts, images, call-to-action, headers etcetera so that it can be understood which one is performing better. This testing method is a perfect way to understand the ways of attracting more leads as well as improve conversion rates. We all know that the smallest improvements can make a huge impact on conversion. Every digital marketing company in USA in the current times does split testing so that they can understand the ways of getting the attention of the customers.

Check out the following goals to achieve more conversation rates:

  • Increase the average time spent on page
  • Reduce the bounce rate
  • Aim at converting blog readers into subscribers or customers
  • Aim at converting social media followers into customers
  • Decrease page loading time
  • Reduce cart abandonment rate
  • Improve the performance of the landing pages

Remember that all the aforementioned points positively influence the conversion rates as well as your sales simultaneously. In reality, it is a powerful technique but you need to run it properly to get quality results.

Expert tips on effective A/B testing

Check the following points before beginning a test.

Test Minor Changes

If it is about ads websites and ads, it should be noted that ups and downs to small factors often lead to big improvements. The colour of the CTA button along with the positioning of the lead-capture forms to others, every small thing matters. You should not forget to consider testing fonts, designs of CTA buttons as variables, email forms – you will be surprised after checking the results.

Mind the metrics

When you are doing split testing, it is wise to focus on how it affects sales metrics like visits, demo requests traffic-to-lead conversion rates and others. There are good chances that a landing page which converted lesser prospects has delivered more sales.

Make equal conditions

When you are looking towards receiving statistically important results, it is required to make equal testing conditions. Equal testing conditions like identical timing, equal audience groups as well as others. In case, you decide to run on the various times of the day and month, chances are that Split testing will get affected by these factors.

Initiate high-level testing

Also, by any chance, if you choose to rebuild any of the landing pages from the very scratch: like if you have two landing pages and you want to know which one performs better. A high-level approach to split testing happens when you test large elements against each other. On the other hand, testing the same page with various changes will make it hard to identify which one will perform better or draw any kind of conclusions.


It has to be understood that Split testing or A/B testing is a trustworthy marketing technique that offers you to initiate better-targeted marketing campaigns, increase conversion rates as well as attract more leads simultaneously.

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