Five Criteria Needed By App Developers To Get Hired In Canada
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Canadian Ecommerce Owners Must Hire App Developers Fulfilling These 5 Criteria

E-commerce is the prototype for retail in the future. As more e-commerce platforms make a foray into the market to level the playing field against big heavyweights such as Amazon and eBay, the retail business changes forever. If you have noticed, there are far lesser retail chains out there today, except for the prominent front-runners in the field. Online retail business owners are redefining the industry with service standards set to one-up competitors. For any mobile app development company Canada, this spells a bountiful time.
For an innovation-fanatic mobile app development service such as Fitser, these are exciting times. As more and more e-commerce businesses bring their unique business ideas and USPs to the table, we get the opportunity to bring those ideas to life.

What is on the agenda of a successful ecommerce venture of today?

If you wish to produce an ecommerce mobile application that is as successful as the front-runners in the global ecommerce rankings, you will need a developer who can help you realise your goals. Successful ecommerce businesses are not merely online retails stores. They provide a comprehensive range of services beyond transaction of goods. In this regard, if you wish to compete with the best ecommerce services of today, you will want to prioritise:

  1. Integrated social services such as sustainable, eco-friendly products and packaging, or charitable donations for every purchase, etc.
  2. Expand the range of your retail inventory.
  1. Prioritise customer grievances and suggestions so as to fine-tune the ecommerce service for better performance.

Thus, if you want to be a successful ecommerce business owner on the level of Amazon or eBay, you will need a mobile app developer who can help you realise these dreams. You will need a developer who can focus on tasks such as:

  1. Extensive market research

If you want an ecommerce app for your business and you want it to succeed as well, then you need to hire a developer who is market savvy. They need to be aware of what the leading businesses in this sector are doing to produce an app that remains relevant to the changing needs of the market. It also helps to find out what kind of products these other businesses are producing.

  1. Creative design

You need a developer who is known for their creative outlook and body of work. Such a developer would be responsible for going through competitor apps to find out what makes them look presentable. There are certain design features in ecommerce apps that customers simply cannot do without these days, like landing page/banners that announce promotional offers, for instance.

  1. Scalability

Hire a developer who can offer you scalable service. Your ecommerce app and service will not grow into a titan of industry overnight; it will need time to flourish. Make sure you hire a developer who can help scale up your app as its functions, inventory and demographic increase.

  1. Features optimization

As your service grows, you will have to optimize the existing functions of your app. Easier and tailored search functions, better product showcase intractability, shorter buying process, live chat support, etc. are few functions that your developer will have to provide support on, as your app downloads increase.

  1. Technological integration

Today’s ecommerce services integrate a lot of services such as collaborative discounts with other apps, social media publishing options for confirmed orders, partner F&B and transport services for ticket booking apps, card-less/cash-less UPI payment integration, just to name a few. Make sure your developer can cater these.

So, if you want to hire a mobile ecommerce app developer who can fulfill the aforementioned criteria, you may want to reach out to ourselves, at Fitser.

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