Challenges Faced By Company While Optimizing Content Funnel
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The Top Challenges Faced by Companies While Optimizing Their Content Funnel – Explained

Content creation and marketing have been crucial to digital marketing since the very beginning, but it seems that people are understanding and appreciating its importance more with every passing day. Despite the world becoming aware of the changes and the growing importance of content, new challenges are festering for digital marketing experts to handle. Therefore, if you are considering focusing on content optimization as part of the Digital Marketing Service strategy, then knowing about these challenges is necessary.

The challenges faced by content marketers are:

  • Creation of content that will drive traffic – which is the top of the funnel
  • Keeping the target audience engaged considerably – the middle of the funnel
  • Generating superior quality leads – the bottom of the funnel

While dealing with any issue in the market, whether real or digital, it is necessary to consider all the factors. It may not seem so, but the inclusion of these points helps create an effective marketing strategy, which is the best outcome. For instance, at this point, any marketing strategy has to include and think of the changes happening due to the pandemic. While considering the pandemic, though, one has to think of both the local and global scenario. If not, though, in that way, it may result in ignoring something crucial and ending up with a strategy that won’t work like the magic you thought it would.

Top of the funnel issues understood and handled 

Now, looking into the challenges faced by a digital marketing expert and a team regarding content optimization and the content funnel, you will discover something pretty simple. A recent survey has proven and 47% of the content marketing experts have declared that they face various challenges and issues regarding attracting traffic. You also have to understand one point regarding this claim is that traffic concerning digital marketing will always mean relevant traffic. Getting a lot of people to interact with your content with no visible result in the end because you haven’t chalked out the strategy properly is not nice.

This is why; solutions are being created to handle the issues and ensuring that your business does not have to suffer because of incompetency. The possible solutions you need to know about are:

  • Any content decision has to be based upon the buyer’s journey. Notwithstanding the content you are creating, its type, style, and media, you need to ensure that it is resonating with your target audience. Whether they are going to buy a product or service, you have to understand the journey which has taken them to your business and product or service. If you do not focus on this information and then use it properly, your content strategy will remain ineffective to a large extent.
  • Choosing to use long-tail keywords will help you analyze the user intent better, resulting in a better idea about designing both the content and the product or service you are providing.
  • When the traffic begins to converge and channeled according to your requirement and desire, it will do you good to keep an eye on the number and quality. There are tools that will help you keep track of the traffic coming through different channels, and you will have to use the same tools to evaluate the quality of the traffic from different channels.

Middle of the funnel issues understood and handled 

According to the content marketers, or 43% of it, creating content that will resonate with the target audience is proving to be immensely challenging these days. Keeping the engagement high and continued has always been a challenge, but with a growing number of content and channels, it is becoming more challenging by the day. To handle this issue, the following suggestions and tips can be and are being used by content marketing experts:

  • Diversification of the content is necessary, and hence, businesses are focusing on the experience instead of the product or service directly at the moment. Presenting a new product or service, focusing on it, rebranding, and optimizing it has always been part of digital marketing service, but that is not the be-all and end-all of the process. Hence, focusing on the experience has become so crucial these days.
  • Creating the content is not enough; you have to analyze it to understand the points to improve further. Making the analysis process more agile will help you further in the process of coming up with better and more compelling content.
  • Along with creating new content, you have to consider the subject of existing content because the strategy and the process of creating content are constantly evolving. Hence, auditing of the existing ones is necessary. It will clearly show the improvement and also the areas you have to cover.

Bottom of the funnel issues understood and handled 

According to 51% of the content marketers, getting leads from content is proving to be a massive challenge, and hence, there is a need to change the ways content is to be optimized. It is time that the top challenges for optimizing the content funnel are analyzed, and the solutions are found. The following tips will help your content strategy further and ensure that leads get generated in the process. The possible answers are:

  • You should be attributing a specific goal to every content piece. This way, monitoring whether they were capable of fulfilling the goals or not would be easier. It will help in recalibrating the goals and the content in the next installment.
  • You have to design the content for each stage of the conversion, and that will assist in clarifying the conversion path better.
  • When you decipher the high converting content, you have to ensure that a stable traffic flow happens to them, which will bring more success to your content optimization strategy.

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