Desktop, Voice Or Mobile – Optimize Depending On The Digital Trends
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Desktop, Voice or Mobile – Optimize depending on the Digital Trends

The Internet has taken the world by storm, and there are various recent trends added on to the digital platforms every single day. Apart from adding on boons to human life, the same element adds a few complexities day to day life work of SEO experts. With the existence of mobile first indexing, we are always left wondering where should we focus when it comes to optimizing the efforts. Should it be the desktop? Or the mobile? Or the voice search phenomenon?

Above all, the audience is the main factor while a person is interested in deciding on the platform. One thing is very clear – no single person focuses on a single device and thereby declaring that the optimizing strategy of yours shouldn’t be focusing on one either! If you are wondering which of the following search ways you must optimize – desktop, mobile or voice? Our answer will be a different option – ALL OF THESE. Is this sounding weird now? Let’s take a look at the benefits of each and the popular mistakes that we make!

Mistakes Made in The Process:

While deciphering the number of visitors that you get from each platform, we make it a point to find out the highest number of searches and then focus on the same! Have ever wondered why is there less traffic on the other two platforms? Well, let’s take for example that your visitors come in mostly through that of the desktop and the instant thing that you decide is to highlight and concentrate on that particular platform and forget Voice Search or Mobile! Isn’t it better to take a step in understanding why there is a lesser or no traffic from these two? There might be various reasons like:

1. Might be the Mobile Site is too clumsy making the audience experience horrible, and therefore no one comes back!

2. The voice search must have been doing a bad job and redirecting the visitors to something irrelevant and therefore, the catastrophe.

So, stop having the self-fulfilling predictions and start gearing up to work on the other platforms that aren’t showing an increased percentage of the audience. There are no three separate audiences, instead, get introduced to the multiscreen world.

Benefits of Voice and Mobile Search:

While discussing the platform that an SEO must focus on we need to understand the benefit of each. Let’s take a glimpse of the benefits that each platform offers:

• Voice Search:

The use of Siri and its counterparts are gradually increasing with the extensive use of the same. People want to get all problems solved without putting in much effort into typing. The local search might be optimized by recording the preferences and patterns in the way people conduct a voice search. When a person takes the help of speaking and typing, they can use any language. This can happen only when the search engine is versatile and has a library of different languages. It is important to include the fact that mobile is the platform where people can enter in voice-based queries. The keywords must be included in their algorithms for SEO.

• Mobile Search Optimization:

With the recent trends, it is crucial for a business to have a mobile-friendly website. This helps the customers reach you even when they are even travelling. Google launched a mobile-friendly label in the mobile search results from November 18, 2014. Mobile friendly websites have a better search engine rank, and all the backlinks will point towards the same domain instead of dividing it into – desktop website or mobile website. This increases the overall rank of business pages.

Let’s take for example – there are two websites – mobile and desktop; and a person shares the desktop link via email or using any instant messaging app. The recipient hit the link through a mobile device and the result? A bad user-experience thus bouncing the visitor rate and you tend to lose a potential audience. Whereas, mobile-optimized sites take lesser load time on desktop and laptops as well!

Encourage The Chain:

The best thing that can be done is encouraging the chain. This could be done in multiple ways – provide rich content, includes rights things that draw the attention of visitors. Build credibility and also encourage your audience to do more researches. Therefore, increase decent user experience over mobile and also put similar effort on the voice search part from only focusing on the desktop searches. Thus, from SEO perspective it is important to fathom the future touch points, and one needs to look at the future! The cross-device journey includes the use of mobile phones or laptops while watching television or say use a smartwatch along with mobile or laptop while they are travelling. The use of devices and voice is never reduced, and on most occasions, the devices are used at the same time without replacing any!

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