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Why are DevOps becoming Integral in the Process of Mobile App Development and Services?

With time and technological advancements, the use of mobile devices has grown exponentially. People love the convenience and additional benefits of these devices. Businesses are also trying their best to take advantage of this changed preference. The introduction of mobile apps has been an experiment. However, today, these apps are essential for businesses of any size and industry to reach their target audience faster. Hence, then the importance of Mobile App Development Services has also grown.

How introduction of DevOps is proving to be a blessing 

In their hurry to capture the market as fast and as much as possible, businesses focused on the app development part. However, they ignored points like app security, code quality, maintenance, cost, and such. These overlooked points are now causing them various issues, which is why considering DevOps has become essential. Before getting into the subject and the myriad aspects, it will be wise to understand DevOps. This is an exclusive methodology highlighting practical cooperation from every stakeholder involved in producing a digital product. It includes people in different capacities and reduces the gap between operations and development.

The crucial aspects of the DevOps methodology 

The concept has emerged from the requirement to support cooperation between teams that used to work individually. DevOps brings automation, continuous delivery, and more agility for the teams to become more productive. It has made it easier to manage a business and get more excellent value to the clients. For all the mobile app development companies, DevOps is essential and valuable; despite not being very simple in the beginning, with time, it becomes perfect. While understanding DevOps, you have to be aware of the crucial aspects of the subject, such as the Six Cs of the methodology, and they are:

  1. Continuous integration – Writing code should always have a healthy inclusion of cooperation. The codes written by different teams can be combined smoothly—the constant integration results in error-free developments, which gets mixed with the finally built code.
  2. Continuous planning – This part of the process brings the different teams associated with the project together to a common platform where they can discuss and recognize the results and possibilities of the app.
  3. Continuous monitoring – With DevOps’ help, developers can handle more monitoring, testing, and understanding of the application for the end-user. This portion of the process helps recognize and solve the problems usually associated with mobile app development services.
  4. Continuous testing – Testing is necessary for every mobile app’s lifecycle. It helps address bugs and other issues with the app during the development process and deliver a quality product to the client. The goal of this process is to examine the app in advance and ensure that it becomes error-free.
  5. Continuous deployment – This is another legal aspect of DevOps. This is where every code passes through the automated testing stage and gets released to the production ambiance.
  6. Continuous delivery – This is the practice where software is offered and updates to the production ambiance in smaller steps. Doing so ensures that the developers can release the software simultaneously, bringing further convenience to the matter.

The benefits of choosing DevOps for your mobile app development 

Apart from these aspects, you should be aware of the various benefits of using DevOps in mobile app development. Knowing about these points will help you to make a better decision with fewer hiccups. The issues you need to remember are:

  • DevOps helps in creating better apps which results in a better user experience. This may sound simple enough, but you must consider that user experience is probably the most crucial part of the business’s app development process and accomplishment. Therefore, no slacking will be accepted regarding this part of the process. With immediate feedback, clear development procedures, removal of errors, and user experience optimization, DevOps has become essential in mobile app development.
  • There are several operating systems and their different versions. It is not possible to manually test an app in all these environments. Despite that, most mobile apps are tested manually. The problem with that is that they may work perfectly fine during the testing period but may fail in the live environment. With continuous testing, such issues can be eliminated.
  • Maintaining the quality of the app development procedure is necessary, primarily to ensure the all part of the code gets monitored. App performance depends on feedback and ratings, solving bugs, and bringing updates suitable for future changes and developments. DevOps assists with all these aspects and helping to maintain the quality of the development process and enhance it.
  • DevOps saves time, makes the software development process transparent, and makes better communication among different teams easier. It is the perfect solution for the various factors of process delays including but not limited to poor communication, lack of ownership, manual testing, inconsistent workflow, unstable development process, and more.
  • By saving time in the software development process and making the testing process more accessible than ever before, DevOps results in better cooperation amongst different teams, which boosts the speed of software development. All of these factors together ensure the faster release of the app. This particular role of DevOps in mobile app development has changed the façade of the industry for the better. The industry is flourishing because of it. 

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