Eight Actionable Marketing Tips For Small Business Promotions In 2021
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Eight Actionable Marketing Tips for Small Business Promotions in 2021

Mobile commerce apps are gaining much more popularity in the current days, and they have great demand than ever before. As the total number of mobile users increases globally, businesses are trying to find more opportunities to attract more customers worldwide. 

With the development of e-commerce apps, the way people carry on shopping has changed, and these apps provide utmost comfort and flexibility to the users in terms of online search and payment. If you are thinking of making an eCommerce app development service for your business, you need to hire an expert with experience and extensive knowledge in this field. 

If you are looking for the best e-commerce app, you should include top features and functionalities to attract more customers to the apps. If you want to know the features that should be implemented, check out the list below-

Proper Customization of the App Is Needed

For an eCommerce app, proper customization is vital. Each eCommerce mobile application should provide the topmost user experience for promoting the e-commerce business. For example, if you develop a shopping app, the user should experience great navigation and a smooth scrolling experience. This will overall reduce the complexities during online shopping. This is why an interactive and engaging user experience is one of the major features of the e-commerce site. 

Have Quick Registration Process

If you plan to have an eCommerce app for your business, you should make sure that the app has an easy and smooth registration procedure. It will not allow the customers to feel good and comfortable to sign in to the app and start shopping; they will find the app reliable to carry out further shopping. If they find that the registration takes a long time and have to wait long to get verification, they will leave the app and will not feel good returning. 

So, develop the app and make the registration process easy by letting the user sign in with the help of the Email ID or social media profiles. Then, the OTP will come to the phone, and they can easily register. 

Should Have Push Notifications

When the new customers sign up to the app, ask whether they will not mind receiving the e-commerce store’s updates. If yes, they will be given push notifications that will constantly remind your eCommerce application. These push notifications alert the users about the limited offers, special and customized launches, discounts, delivery updates, and orders. 

After receiving the notifications to the device, the users will feel good visiting your e-commerce store. Thus, push notifications help to improve the overall customer experience, and it is a great way to engage the customers. 

Space for Reviews and Testimonials

One of the main features that should be included in the eCommerce app is the space for reviews of testimonials from the users. If the previous customers feel free to put the reviews or positive feedback about the eCommerce store on the app, they will be more likely to get new customers when they go through the feedback. To know how you can use the feedback or review section on the app, you can consult the team from an app development company to give you the best results. 

Advanced search filters

One of the major features in the eCommerce store is to add advanced filters for search. If the users can filter several categories and decide to buy, at last, they will feel good to revisit your site. If the advanced search filters are present on the app, the category of the products can be done easily. The buyers can first filter the products according to price, quality, and brand if any. 

Have Multiple Payment Options On the Ecommerce Site

Not finding the right and suitable payment solution in the e-commerce app is one of the most obvious reasons for cart abandonment. With the easy checkout process, the users can carry out easy and simple payments. It helps in reducing cart abandonment to around 31%. Some users also prefer using credit cards to make the payment as it helps build loyalty points while like Cash On Delivery.

24x 7 Customer Support for The Users

If you plan to make an e-commerce app, you will choose to have 24x 7 customer support for the users. If the buyer finds any issue during the payment method or offers or discounts, they can easily consult the customer support team. The app should have instant customer support so that the users can get in touch anytime and anywhere.

Easy Order Tracking

One of the most important features to implement in the app is to add easy tracking details to easily find out where the products are and when they will be delivered. 

These are some popular features that should be added to the eCommerce app. Fitser is one of the most popular app development companies that provide the best apps for e-commerce stores. Choose the app development team to make highly functional, result-driven applications.

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