Experts Advice On Creating The Best SEO Strategy For 2020
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Experts Advice on Creating the Best SEO Strategy for 2020

In contemporary times, it needs to be understood that Search Engine Optimization is not what it used to be. Today, planning and executing a sound SEO strategy for a business is not just about creating content, but includes many other things. The strategy of SEO is to organize the website’s content by a topic relevant to the search keyword of a customer. Doing this is significant as it helps the search engine to recognize the intent of the user when searching. In other words, optimizing the web pages around topics and putting keywords within that topic enhances the website’s quality in the eyes of the search engine algorithm. Thus it helps the website to achieve better ranks through long-tail keywords related to that topic.  It is one of the major tactics followed by most experienced companies that provide digital marketing services in USA.

What is SEO?

You might have heard of SEOs or Search Engine Optimizers who focus on optimizing a website so that it ranks higher in the search engine result pages and gets more organic traffic. Well, there are three types of SEO which an SEO strategist should target on:


  • On-page SEO



The aim of this search engine optimization is targeted at the content on the page of the website. Optimizing the content on the website pages helps improve the website’s rank on the search engine based on a particular keyword.


  • Off-page SEO



This search engine optimization aims at the links which are directing to the website from various other sites on the internet. It is actually the number of backlinks, plus the number of publishers carrying those links, which directs to your website. It is actually a way of building trust in the search engine’s eyes, which leads to the website ranking higher in search results.


  • Technical SEO



It is also significant to focus on optimizing the website’s architecture, which is about assessing the back end of the website to see how it is set up technically. It needs to be understood that Google checks the code of the website as much as it evaluates the content of the website. All these factors influence the ranking of the website in the search engine result pages.

It should be noted that not every company optimize their website in the same way, and not every SEOs follow the same optimization process. It is truly an SEOs job to assess the industry and find out what gets the audience’s attention, thereby developing the ideal strategy that puts the right content before the audience. Keeping that in mind, make sure to go through the following steps to make the best SEO strategy for 2020

  • Create a list of topics
  • Create a list of long-tail keywords based on the same topics
  • Build pages for every topic
  • Set up a blog
  • Blogging every week is important to develop page authority
  • Make a link-building plan
  • Compress all media before putting it on your website
  • Stay updated on the latest SEO news and practices
  • Track and measure the content’s success

You can also take help from the following content monthly planning process so that your SEO strategy provides the best outcome for the website.

  • Invest more time on keyword research relevant to your industry
  • Don’t forget to list blog post ideas which leverage opportunistic keywords
  • Also, list blog posts which you can update
  • Research and identify various SEO opportunities
  • Make sure to list all the content ideas on a Search Insights Report
  • Assign the contents to the team
  • Spend time at the end of every month to track the measure of your SEO strategy progress

With a monthly SEO plan like one discussed above, it won’t be hard to improve your website’s ranking in the search engine result pages.

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