Fantastic Logo Design Trends That You Didn’t Know
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Fantastic Logo Design Trends That You Didn’t Know


Have you ever asked yourself, questions like what makes a logo special or do we judge the quality of a logo by its competence? Or do you determine its value by checking how well it is being accepted in the audience?

All these questions are very relevant to making a good logo based on the current logo trends in society. In that case, if you are thinking about making a perfect logo for a brand then you need to keep track of how logo designs are evolving with the passage of time. In contemporary times, designers are studying past trends with the aim to push their imagination from what is there now. Many custom logo design company are breaking the boundaries by creating modern and abstract logo designs which are actually beautiful and striking at the same time.

According to some of the reputed professional designers, the following trends are going to get the attention of people in the days to come.

Tricking logos

One of the characteristics that can be seen in most logos of the current times is the quality of deception. If you are in the habit of exploring different ideas when making different designs, creating visual tricks keep that fervour alive. This is nothing more than a way of revitalizing their creative energy so that they can come out with something new that will create a tantalizing effect on someone looking at the logo for the first time. The logo designs that focus on tricking the eye are usually filled with the qualities of distortion, a particular perspective which can be sometimes warped and fragmented simultaneously.

The new geometry

It is a fact that when certain shapes become identical, we subconsciously tend to restrict our potential. The best way to describe this would be to say that the geometrical shapes which have become overtly cold, mathematical as well as authoritarian are the ones that influence most logos for a time period. Furthermore, it may seem easy to define the geometrical trends of the current times but many are trying to inculcate their design with vibrant colours along with friendlier compositions simultaneously.

Variations in design

In the current times, most brands are aware of the fact that their logos will be viewed in numerous platforms. Furthermore, today brands are not only concerned about the multiple places where their logos will be viewed but they also want a logo that will create a personal connection with the viewer at the same time. It is also true that the variations in logo design are something that makes it so beautiful and desirable to a viewer.

Intentional colours

Today, storytelling through colours is a new art when it comes to making logos for brands in the current times. It is not rocket science to understand which colours evoke a feeling of passion, desire and vigour inside us. It has to be understood that a brand’s message is very much influenced by its choice of colours. That is why picking the right colours is very important when it comes to communicating with a set target audience.

So now that you are aware of the different trends in logo designing then make sure to contemplate on them because the competition is high and the expectations are higher.

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