Fast Page Speed Equals Higher Profits
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Fast Page Speed Equals Higher Profits

Search engine giant Google has long before specified the importance of page speed through its algorithm update. It was first introduced in the year 2010. Despite its announcement, still now many webmasters do not give due importance to page speed optimization. However, faster web page speed could earn you more profit and that is why, one should try to optimize it properly.

Organic rank is directly proportional to web page speed

Before one introduces out-of-the-box ideas, one should systematically incorporate proven rules to reap in benefits from digital marketing. Page speed optimization is one of the proven rules to hike the web page rank. We all know how important the web page rank is for us. Higher web page rank hikes the probability of page clicks. Higher the page clicks, higher is the probability of business. Google has specified a simple trick to hike the organic ranking. When a website offers outstanding user experience, it gets higher ranking.

Page speed optimization can influence many aspects of SEO which are as follows:

1.User experience:

Web page speed is directly related with user experience. Higher the web page speed, higher the level of user satisfaction. Lower the web page speed, lower the level of user satisfaction. Slow loading page suffers from lower user engagement, increased bounce rates and lower average time spent on a page. Google measures the data collected from user behaviour that influence the search ranks. It has been proven that higher bounce rate could decrease the website rankings.


Lower page loading speed could negatively impact the indexing. If search engines are unable to crawl down a website for a long time, the associated keywords would suffer from lower rankings. These keywords are associated with inaccessible web pages. Fast loading web pages can improve the page indexation. Googlebot spends its time efficiently when it crawl down a fast loading website.


Slow web page speed kills the chances of conversions. It boosts up sales. This has been reported by Walmart in the year 2012 that rate of conversion peaks up at 2 seconds and then systematically drops with the increase of page loading time.

4.Site performance on mobile devices:

Compared to desktops, the page loading time at mobile devices are higher. This is because of latency, smaller memory, lower processing power and limited battery life. One should separately address the site performance at mobile devices.

Page Speed Optimization is highly important to guarantee profit in business. One should implement the tricks to raise the loading speed of web pages as soon as possible.

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