How Can Responsive Web Design Boost Your Business?
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How can Responsive Web Design Boost Your Business?

It is no secret, that majority of the current generation spends glued to their smartphone and for good reasons, of course. The same trend can be spotted among the working class, the senior citizens, the business-savvy corporate class, unilaterally. This is because the world as it is cannot do without the marvel of the internet at their fingertips. And to appease these ‘netizens,’ businesses must aspire to be forward-thinking and robust in their web presence. They must cultivate ITES solutions that are responsive, mobile-friendly and serve their purpose.

Lack of quality, responsive web design can otherwise derail even time-tested, well –thought SEO plans as well. Let us cast light on some reasons which clarify that responsive web design is crucial:


  • For instilling trust

Business analysts have inferred from surveys and experiments that those individuals who are browsing on the web to acquire services or products from a business are more likely to migrate away from one which features out-dated and unresponsive web design. These are qualities which are associated with spurious and shady schemes and enterprises; hence it does not inspire trust in the heart of the consumer for the business in question.


  • Increases page-hits

The entire point behind creating an online extension of your business, its products, and services, is that folks come and check out the same and make it a point to think of your brand when they need such services. However, if you are not able to put forth an engaging, intuitive and interactive platform for potential users, then they are discouraged from visiting your website more than once.


  • SERP ranking

E-commerce or business in electronic kind eschews the satisfaction gained from human interaction as it is. If customers are not satisfied with the interactivity and look and feel of your site, then they may refuse to conduct business. Once interest falters, your site comes up after others in search engine result pages or SERPs as well. This affects business opportunities.


It is not surprising that unresponsive, out-of-tune web design for businesses discourage users from spending time and resources on a website service. Unless your company has a monopolistic grasp on the industry, you must think out of the box, for the sake of the visual interactivity of your site. Responsive web design can stimulate your SEO strategy as well. For outsourcing requests for design and development of your business’ site and app, an ITES solutions provider like Fitser can be a good contender.

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