How Implementing The Right Digital Marketing Strategy Can Influence Your Restaurant Business Positively And Effectively?
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How Implementing the Right Digital Marketing Strategy Can Influence Your Restaurant Business Positively and Effectively?

Businesses have always been governed by the demand and supply ratio at its most basic form, but with time and technological advancements, various embellishments were added. One such integral part of the business process has been marketing, which is making your business familiar to the target audience and informing them about your existence. Today, due to the advancement of technology, digital marketing has taken over the market and a tailor-made marketing strategy to help them along, including the restaurant business.

Understanding the Scope and Design of the Strategy

In the basic sense of the term, a strategy is a layout of possible steps and details, following which, your business will grow bigger and make more profit. For instance, your plan should include a section where the proper usage of social media will be focused upon, ensuring that the resource can be used in the best possible manner. These details and plans are not designed by one person or by following any strict set of rules. A tailor-made strategy for your business will be based on present market trends, statistical information from the previous years, highlighting the effectiveness of various marketing resources, and more.

The Most Likely Components of Your Marketing Strategy

A strategy can be considered beneficial when its implementation brings in profit, allows a business to function smoothly, and make the brand name a household one. There are various ways these goals can be achieved. However, digital marketing is proving to be the most effective method these days. Creating the perfect digital marketing strategy means using the most helpful elements to boost your business. For the restaurant business, you will get the most results from GMB, local listings, proper use of social media platforms, and interesting content creation. Combining these elements and making modifications based on available statistics will make your marketing strategy perfect.

How Statistical Information Can Help Your Business

Having some valuable statistics at hand will assist in ensuring that you can manage your business better while bringing in more profit. These data will pay off by allowing you to:

  1. Target specific marketing ideas to help your business grow and reach more customers
  2. Gain an opinion regarding the best usage of your resources, including employees, time, and marketing budget
  3. Make better decisions and reduce chances of wastage
  4. Know what aspects and data is to track every month
  5. Gain the idea for when to hire extra staff, how many, and how to manage them

The statistics you will have to consider in order to choose the right kind of digital marketing strategy for your business are divided into a few sections. For instance, there are general marketing stats, social media marketing stats, and many more.

General Statistics for the Betterment of Your Restaurant

Under general marketing statistics, you will get to know the following points:

  • More than 1 billion restaurant visits nowadays are influenced by the internet, namely online marketing.
  • Consumers tend to read more restaurant reviews than reviews of any other industry, service, and product.
  • About 84% of the people trust reviews available online and personal recommendations made by people to choose the restaurant they want to visit.
  • The difference of half a star in Yelp can impact a restaurant business by 27%.
  • Restaurants that communicate actively with their customers on social media and are prompt with their replies tend to win over 71% of the populace resulting in more recommendations.
  • Proper marketing of your business matters because 40% of the population gets to know about a new eating joint from one digital medium or another.
  • About 85% of people search for local businesses and restaurants will one of the most prominent names in that search.
  • Americans spend 12.5% of their total income buying food from restaurants, which means that your business will have an excellent chance to earn more if appropriately handled.

Social Media Marketing Statistics to Help You Along

  • A recent study has found that 75% of consumers have decided to use Facebook to decide on a restaurant to visit or to place an order with.
  • 49% of people regularly search Facebook to find restaurants they want to visit and end up visiting.
  • At least 58% of Facebook users tend to consider social promotions on the part of the restaurant to decide whether they should select it or not.
  • Like Facebook, another app is winning over patrons worldwide, as Instagram is now the prime app for people to engage with restaurants brands, both independent and franchises.
  • 93% of users have admitted that visual representation of a product influences their purchase decision regularly. Hence, Instagram is one of the best ways to reach out to your target audience.
  • Posting delicious-looking food photographs always work wonders because the human brain engages and processes a visual 60,000 time faster than any other medium.
  • Twitter users have the highest level of engagement with restaurants in comparison to every other industry.
    A restaurant with quick services will receive 57% of the 1 million Twitter mentions.
  • The average Twitter user follows at least 5 businesses, and millennials make a majority of that user base. Hence, Twitter is a powerful tool in targeting your target audience in that age group.
  • Promoting and making your restaurant appear in front of new customers has become easier because 79% of Twitter users mention the brands they follow.
  • Once someone starts following you on Twitter, chances are they will make purchases from you because 94% of the people buy things from the small local businesses they follow.
  • Now, regarding the video marketing aspect, it can be said that the method is highly effective, and using the proper channels will work wonders for you.
  • Snapchat users watch more than 10billion videos a day. Getting to exploit those statistics will help your restaurant business to achieve prominence.
  • A video within 2 minutes has the most amount of engagement. Remembering and implementing it will give you a nice edge on the competition.
  • Using videos and video sharing platforms will help your business make a profit 49% faster than the businesses which are not using this method.
  • Video promotion through the proper channels works 6 times better than print and other online promotion methods.

Implementing the right digital marketing strategy is necessary, especially when you have all the statistical data regarding restaurant business to back each of your decisions. These steps will help your restaurant business grow more than you ever thought possible.

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