How To Create The Latest Avatar Facebook Is Offering Its Users?
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How to create the Latest Avatar Facebook is Offering its Users?

After the gap of quite a few years, Facebook is again offering Avatars for its users in India. The latest one is Bitmoji styled and looks very cute. These Avatars allow users to create a unique virtual persona which can be fully personalised to accommodate your preferences. Once the Avatar is created, you can use it as your profile picture, for Facebook Stories, Messenger comments and even WhatsApp.

Boosting interactions 

This new feature comes equipped with a considerable variety of faces, hairstyles, outfits and other details that have been specially customised for the Indian users. It is also aimed to help to boost interaction amongst users.

Some history, to put the latest development in perspective 

Though this newest development is exciting and intriguing, it is also not the first of its kind. Before Facebook, Snapchat introduced something similar called Bitmoji. It seems that other companies are taking cues from Snapchat and introducing the facility of creating a personalised animated version of yourself, namely Apple and Xiaomi.

The aim of these Avatars 

Now to answer the question mentioned above, how you can create this new Avatar on Facebook, it is time to go through the detailed steps. Before getting to the technical details, though, it is vital to remember a few details regarding the subject. For instance, the goal of Facebook Avatars to help users share their emotions, with a personal touch and expression.

Creating the Facebook Avatar – A consolidated description 

The newly introduced feature is a digital version of the Avatars and can be customised to accommodate your mood and preference. At present, you can access the Avatar creating feature through mobile devices only. The following steps will assist in the creation of your perfect Avatar:

  • The first step is visiting the menu options which can be accessed through three parallel horizontal lines on the bottom right for iOS-powered devices and top right for the Android-powered devices.
  • Then you have to scroll down the list and tap on the “See More” option.
  • There is the option “Avatars” for you to select and explore further.
  • After choosing the Avatars option, you have to tap the “Next” button which will take you to the customisable features including skin-colour, hairstyle, facial hair, outfit, eyewear and such.
  • Once you have completed the customisable options to your heart’s content, you will have to tap on the checkmark on the top right-hand corner.
  • Then you have to tap the “Next” button and you are done creating the Avatar. The next step will be using it as you see fit.

There is an alternate method of creating Avatars too 

There is an alternative method for creating your Facebook Avatar, and that will require you to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • At first, you have to tap on the comment composer text field
  • Then you have to tap the smiley icon
  • The next step will require you to swipe left for accessing the stickers tab
  • Then you can click on the “Create your Avatar” button
  • There will be the customisation process to complete, and voila, your Avatar is ready

To use this newly minted Avatar you have created, you have to tap on the “Smiley” icon available in the “Write a comment” section and access the Avatar.

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