How To Integrate Social-Media Into Your Content Strategy?
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How to Integrate Social-Media into Your Content Strategy?

Many believe that present era has opened up golden opportunities before small and mid-sized organisations and there are real reasons to say so. Unlike1980’s and prior to it, there are different mediums of advertisement. We all know the importance of promotional activities for a business. Unless and until people know what you are delivering, there is no need to run a business (and neither do you have a way around).

In spite of the availability of various marketing media, it would be wrong to say that promoting a business has become a child’s play. Hurdles are many but options are ample too. Most revolutionary transformation has been brought in by the internet and mobile devices. People could reach your business while they are on a move. Thus there are least margins to make errors.

Social-media channels have opened up many avenues to promote your business. One can blend social-media with content strategy of an organisation.

Social-media integrated with content strategy

Integration of social-media with email marketing:

Unlike commonplace belief, social-media and email marketing are not different and expert digital marketers should combine these 2 media into one. At first, you need to promote email list throughout all social-media platforms.

There are 3 main ways to promote your email list via social-media platforms. Experts believe that the most significant way is to first elongate your followers. Establish outstanding and attractive social-media page of organisation so that more and more people click on the ‘like’ or ‘follow’ button. After achieving a loyal follower group, you may send them newsletters. It enhances the chances of getting more subscribers.

After you gained a good list of newsletter subscribers, you could encourage them to click on other social-media accounts of organisations.

Third way is to apply social-media share buttons in your newsletters so that the subscribers could share interesting email contents at their personal accounts.

Keep the discussion rolling:

Unlike big firms, do not stuff links of your company website at every social-media post. This strategy could do wonders for Forbes or AskMen but not for organisations of less status. Rather than that, engaging your audience in interesting discussions would serve your objectives wonderfully. First of all, the posts should be informative and interesting- and it is better to solve the problems of your audience in interesting manner. One should answer the questions asked by audience. Never leave comment boxes empty.

Offer a sneak peek to your audience:

Personal bond established with your audience go a long way. You could offer a sneak-peek of departmental proceedings to your audience. Success of content marketing campaigns depend upon being personal with your audience. If you are running a tour and travels company then sharing personal crazy experience of an adventure trip could break that glass barrier between you and your audience. This would enhance the trust level and next time it could be possible that your audience would share your bungee-jumping image at their personal social-media accounts.

Post at different times:

One of the vital mistakes made by inexperienced digital marketers is that they post contents at same time. Ideal social-media marketing strategy begs to differ from this. Audience have different habits of checking their social-media accounts and accordingly, posts should be published at different times.

Keep an eye upon numbers:

As a digital marketer you must have noticed that few social-media platforms work better for you. You should keep a tab on them. Try to determine which factors are proving as obstacles because of which your posts are not doing well on certain platforms. Please remember that, numbers are everything in the world of digital marketing and all you want is bigger numbers.

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