How To Set SEO Goals For A Company/ Project/ Team...
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How to set SEO Goals for a Company/ Project/ team…

Are you interested in knowing the SEO goals that will offer you the best result?  Without setting up the SEO goals for the company, you will never get to know where your company/team is lagging behind or where they stand in reality. The marketing, content and SEO goals need to walk hand in hand to declare the success of the company. To make sure that the correct measures are implemented there are various measurable metrics which could help you in the long run! Noted below are few crucial steps that could be taken to set the SEO goals for team/project or company:

  1. Decide on the Company Goals:

First thing first – in order to decide on the SEO campaign, it is important to note what the agenda/goal of your company is? This will help you understand the risk, criticalities and need of the hour thus making your work easier and smoother. A fair idea about the target audience and market will help you decide on the SEO campaigns that will prove the best for your business. We understand your challenges as an entrepreneur and thus helping you pave a better path towards reaching the zenith.

  1. Set the Marketing Goals:

Be it a newbie or an established brand; marketing forms the backbone of a business. While heading a business – start-up or an existing brand set your marketing goals before you plunge into setting a campaign for SEO. Established brand or new-bees both need strategical and unique marketing ideas. So, a company agenda is important to be noted thus directly reflecting the goals of the company!

Metrics to Measure SEO Goals:

While tried our hands at jotting down the metrics that would help in building a perfect SEO goal for a company the list was long. Here are a few attributes that the experts at Fitser decided to give sufficient importance:

  • Rankings: The measurements could be done in three possible ways which include – global, national and local levels. Choose one according to your need of the hour.


  • Search Results: The term that best explains the factor is – Organic Search Visits incorporating in it the raw traffic sent from organic search. These search results could be divided into – branded and non-branded. The task proves to be daunting since there are hardly any keyword data. The results are generated on the basis of the “likely branded search traffic” and “likely non-branded search traffic” calculated approximately.


  • SERP Ownership: If you have been wondering about the fact that you will receive great result just after a SEO goal is implemented; you are wrong! A constant track of SEO campaign is required for the seamless working of the methodologies. The success and failure of the SEO campaign that you implemented could be calculated on the basis of search engine result pages.


  • Search Volume: The main motto behind investing so much capital towards increasing brand visibility is to increase traffic. The trends to improve the list of potential customers could be checked through Google trends, Keyword explorer and Google AdWords Campaign.


  • Link Metrics: Checking the growth of link shrinkage over a stipulated time is unavoidable. Keep the following things in mind:


(1)    Number of Links

(2)    Spam and authority metrics.

(3)    Distribution of the Links

(4)    Linking root domains

  • Traffic referrals: Link References are basically very important and specially designed to focus on improving rankings.


Even after taking all security measures a plan can go sideways and therefore the main criteria for setting up a goal must be keeping track of every movement. The leads generated from the links need to be controlled and taken care off. You can completely rely on the experts of Fitser for all SEO related queries and help. With years of expertise and support of a huge satisfied clientele, we are interested in making a difference for your business at all levels.

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