Know About Google’s ‘Possum’ Algorithm Update
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Know about Google’s ‘Possum’ Algorithm Update

Have you heard about ‘Possum’ algorithm update? Probably this is going to be the biggest Google algorithm update for local search rankings. The name has been suggested by Phil Rozek. Many believe that at present there is no Google My Business listing. In reality, it is very much present. Business listings have been filtered away- they are just acting like possum.

The nature of Possum update

As per the evidences, this particular update has only impacted the rankings in the Local Finder and in the 3-pack. Expert webmasters believe that the main aim of the algorithm update was to re-orient the local results. In addition, they believe that this update would help to prevent the spam. The webmasters have analysed multiple raking reports and they are in the opinion that since the 2014 Pigeon update, this is the biggest algorithm update.

Impact of the algorithm update

1.Immense hike of local rankings:

One of the biggest problems in local SEO is that the business houses that fall outside the city’s geographical limits would find it hard to rank the keywords with the city name. Many times, these business houses would not even fall within the city (technically speaking) and would not be displayed by the Google Map when a person searches for it with the name of the city.

Possum update has resulted in immense increase in the local ranking of such businesses.

2.The filtering is based upon address and affiliation:

Still now, we were accustomed to see local filters applied to local results. These local filters would subtract the profiles with similar domain and phone number. This idea conforms to the general philosophy maintained by Google to not support the duplicate content.

Possum update has resulted in filtering out of many businesses. This is because the business address is similar to another listing enlisted in the same category.

3.Significance of physical location of the searcher has increased:

Users located in one part of geography are viewing completely different results than those located at other parts. This means that the sites are no longer included in the ranking list of the 3-pack. Since the Possum update, this has been ensured that the searcher location is set at the right city during the process of tracking the rank.

Local SEO experts are in the opinion that Possum update would help authentic local listings to rank high. This would help to enhance the quality of local search results.

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