MUM- The New Google Update For The Upcoming Advanced SEO Analysis
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MUM- The New Google Update for the Upcoming Advanced SEO Analysis

Google comes up with new and new updates, which changes the entire SEO and search tools concept. The Google updates are not only helpful for businesses but also the SEO experts. The businesses that stay compliant with the Google updates experience better growth and ROI. Recently, Google has unveiled MUM, the latest technology that helps the search engine to understand the content and search intentions better. Google also claims that MUM is 1000 times better than its predecessor BERT, which allows Google to understand the written texts and videos, images, podcasts in more than 75 languages.

MUM Has Taken A Step Closer To The Real Conversations Between The Businesses And Users. Now, As A SEO Specialist, How MUM Will Bring A Change In Search Queries?

What is Google MUM?

In the annual developer conference, Google I/O, in May 2021, Google announced that they would be launching a powerful AI technology popular by MUM. However, the acronym of MUM is not linked with Mothers in any way. Instead, MUM stands for Multi-Tasking Unified Model. It is a machine learning model that understands the written text and can understand any content online. This means that MUM can unlock any type of information available in different formats and connect with the users. Thus, it helps Google to get better answers to even complex queries.

As per Google, MUM can unlock any information, text, videos, images, PDF, TXT, and even HTML and audio and video contents. Moreover, MUM can contextualize and link contents that go beyond artificial intelligence. Therefore, priority will be given to the better-fitted information to the search query in future searches, rather than just scanning the documents on the given subject.

Currently, MUM is in the testing phase, and Google will continue to do this until it feels safe to launch MUM and add it to the systems. There is no particular timeframe for when MUM will be launched. The introduction to MUM means better search results, but it is also a new type of result. Google is now working on AI technology to help users get better results rather than random information online.

How to Prepare for Google MUM

Google’s algorithm has become better at reading and understanding texts like us. So, how can you prepare for this new technology and know in what direction Google is going? First, you can provide search engines like Google with more insights into content by providing added structured data to these pages. This will help Google find out what is present on the page, thus making you eligible to get rich content. If you do not know this, you can take help from Fitser, one of the trusted companies that offer search engine marketing services to help you add content to your website better.

Apart from this, you will have to put well-written texts that are easy to read and optimized naturally. Experts suggest not stuffing texts with the same keywords to get higher ranks, but you must write something that the readers want to read: good content, original, and a new structure. Even you can add a feedback section where you can easily know how the audience is interacting.

Benefits of MUM for Webmasters and SEOs

The chief SEO consultant Marcus Pentzek said that nothing should change for content SEOs, but adding this new AI technology will provide Google with a new way to better understand the contents. Previously, BERT has helped Google to understand search queries better. But, for the time being, SEO will be carried on like this, at least for the SEO experts who are striving to get relevant and high-quality content across all formats like texts, videos, audios, and images.

With the help of this update, Google can focus on certain media that were not considered in the earlier days, like videos, podcasts, and images. In addition, even the website can also appear on the search results in languages that are different from the website’s language.

Paving the way for a new revolution

MUM is the first step towards creating conversations between search results and users. The AI interface of MUM will help in transforming Google from search to the resulting engine as the understanding of the contents will be moving beyond the word to the videos, podcasts, and many more. The 75 Languages are impressive and offer a comprehensive basis to find out the best results to search queries. With MUM, Google is trying to organize the world’s information to a better and accessible form that will be comprehensible for all. Though in the early stage, it will be quite significant to see how MUM turns out to be an important milestone for not just developers and SEO specialists but also for businesses in trying their best to stand out.

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