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Introduction to
Current SEO

Website optimization is a method that came into existence in the mid-1990s. Initially, the practice was only for content creators and webmasters. In 1997, when the term SEO or search engine optimization was coined, it changed the concept of online presence for brands and businesses. As most of the population started using the internet to search for information, companies became more dependent on the method to strengthen as high as possible a rank on Google Search. With the evolution of Google algorithms over the years, optimization is the best possible method for businesses to follow. Now USO or Universal Search Optimization is in place, and it includes search patterns, crawling, indexing, and ranking of websites, along with related elements like videos, images, knowledge panel, or maps displayed on SERP. At present AI-driven approach to digital marketing is the trend. Hence, USO is the necessity for brands rearing to use these algorithms to achieve a higher ranking in the search index through all possible efforts.

For brands concerned with achieving results, through awareness, consideration, and conversion, USO is the go-to method. It has changed the approach of marketers over the years. Instead of optimizing only the keywords, now brand content like podcasts, videos, blogs, social media pages, FAQs, YouTube content, and such are getting optimized. USO experts at Fitser will perform such user-focused practices. They will also give you insights and analytical information on the performance of your brand.

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SEO or search engine optimization is a process that is employed to increase organic traffic to a website and help it achieve a better rank in the search index. Organizations and businesses go through this practice to help their websites reach better ranks with the use of specific keywords and phrases.

SEO takes quite some time to drive results. It may take as early as 3 months to observe some results, but it may take more time. Result-driven SEO practices take time, and being patient will be your best bet.
As per the present market condition and observation, some best SEO practices will be optimizing image alt text which will provide contextual relevance for the page where the image is located, adding the man keyword to the top section of a webpage, creating longer content which will target the LSI keywords, writing catchy descriptions for the web pages, using one keyword per title, optimizing the title tag, optimizing the website's loading speed which can be achieved via lightweight themes or image compression, building backlinks to the site and such. SEO is a challenging process and takes time, but the process can get comfortable and practical enough if you use the right tools and analytics required for the task.
There are various features of the search engine optimization process, but their priorities vary from time to time. For instance, creating a responsive website is vital to a successful SEO campaign these days. Along with that, a website should include elements like title tags and Meta descriptions, which will have a crucial role in the ranking factor of the site and search index. Context creators should try and create high-quality content, which will improve the engagement rates from users via SEO. Website loading speed is also a vital feature of the SEO process, including URLs and Header Tags. A website should have its internal search result index with multiple pages, which will address the different queries from the users. Lastly, a website must be mobile-friendly, which will assist the result-oriented SEO practices.
Though the SEO process is quite established for offering a wide range of solutions to better the website's rank on the search index, there is a myriad of challenges that the process and the experts have to face. For instance, the most common problems are finding the right keywords with accurate data to facilitate a higher rank, updating the website's design and content regularly, finding and choosing the right tools for SEO work, and creating superior-quality content consistently. These are some of the challenges a company faces every day. And lastly, the whole process is time taking and should be in continuous mode before you see acceptable ranking and results.
SEO is a well-known and recognized method of increasing organic traffic to a website. It is also considered to be a primary source of generating leads for a business. SEO assists in gaining traction for a company by improving the user experience. The process achieves this by encouraging users to visit a particular page or place after landing on a website. SEO also brings better conversion rates and higher closure rates (both for cold leads and outbound channels) by improving and establishing brand credibility. Apart from this, no one needs to invest separately, like what we see as media cost in paid channels.
Various practices of search engine optimization have changed and been modified over the years. For instance, instead of depending only on pure keyword research, the process now includes image optimization and back linking. With Google optimizing its various algorithms, SEO is currently focused on creating high-quality content, creating back links, and sorting FAQs with better queries and answers, including more relevant images to a website. These changed elements are essential for today's search engine optimization process.









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Search Engine Optimization / Social Media Optimization / Google Local Listing (GLL) / Content Promoting / Facebook
Business Profile Creation & Promotion / Paid Advertising

No of Hours per month10+
Min committed months1 Time
Detailed keyword researchY
Finalizing focus set of keywordsY
Full On-pageY (Up to 10 Pages)
On Page Features
No of keywords to be worked on10 (5 localised & long tail)
Breadcrumb LinksY
H1 TagY
Robots TXT & Robots TagY
Image Alt TagsY
Internal LinkingY
New Page CreationY
Duplicate Content CheckY
Content Creation and ModificationY
Footer LinksY
SEO Friendly URLY
Canonical RedirectionY
Error PageY
Google Analytics SetupY
Webmaster Code SetupY
Sitemap (XML & HTML)Y
Blog Page SetupY
Structured Data Mark-upY
Links IndexingY
Charges per Month
No of Hours per month 40+ 50+ 60+
Min committed months 6 months 5 months 4 months
Detailed keyword research Y Y Y
Finalizing focus set of keywords Y Y Y
Full On-page Y (Up to 10 Pages) Y (Up to 15 Pages) Y (Up to 20 Pages)
On Page Features
No of keywords to be worked on 10 (5 localised, 5 long tail) 15(10 localised, 5 long tail) 20 (15 localised, 5 long tail)
Breadcrumb Links Y Y Y
Title Y Y Y
Description Y Y Y
H1 Tag Y Y Y
Robots TXT & Robots Tag Y Y Y
Image Alt Tags Y Y Y
Internal Linking Y Y Y
New Page Creation Y Y Y
Duplicate Content Check Y Y Y
Content Creation and Modification Y Y Y
Footer Links Y Y Y
SEO Friendly URL Y Y Y
Canonical Redirection Y Y Y
Error Page Y Y Y
Google Analytics Setup Y Y Y
Webmaster Code Setup Y Y Y
Sitemap (XML & HTML) Y Y Y
Blog Page Setup Y Y Y
Structured Data Mark-up Y Y Y
Links Indexing Y Y Y
OFF Page Features
Classified Ad Post 2 links 3 links 4 links
Business Listing 2 Listing 3 Listing 4 Listing
Review Posting 1 Reviews 2 Reviews 4 Reviews
Social Bookmarking 4 Links 6 Links 10 Links
PPT Presentation 1 PPT creation & submission 1 PPT creation & submission 1 PPT creation & submission
Article Submission 1 (500 words each) 2 (500 words each) 3 (500 words each)
Corporate Blog Posting 2 3 5
Video Submission 1 links 2 links 3 links
Image Sharing 1 links 2 links 3 links
Web 2 Listing 1 Links 2 Links 2 Links
Press Release (On Client Requirement) 1 PR writing & submit 1 PR writing & submit 1 PR writing & submit
Notes PR, Article & Blog content will be emailed to client. After getting approval we will submit it.
Charges Per Month
AUD 300 500 700
GBP 150 300 450
EUR 200 350 500
USD 250 400 550

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