Simple Tricks To Use To Secure Your WordPress Website
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Simple Tricks to Use to Secure your WordPress Website

Every day, we receive scary reports about sites hacked or databases compromised. Remaining vigilant about security is the responsibility of all the site owners. In fact, you can say, this is the responsibility of everyone online. Millions of websites including multiple blogging platforms use WordPress for publishing content. Hackers are thus quite interested in hacking the WordPress based websites.

Don’t get distressed.

Here are a few tricks you can use to secure your WordPress website.

Use Strong Passwords

Hope that you already have a strong password. If you have, don’t ponder on this point. If you don’t, I must say this is the easiest step possible to implement. Avoid giving excuses like ‘I have only one password that I use for all my websites’. Remember that excuses like these are no longer acceptable. It is better to use a password including both numbers as well as letters for best result. After you set the password, do not keep using it for very long. Play around it and change it regularly.

Limit the Count of WordPress Plugins and Customizations

WordPress includes multiple plug-ins and add-ons. We understand that the collection is quite mind-boggling but it is better to keep a tab of the plug-ins and customizations you are using. Remember that with increase in the number of plug-ins used, your website will also become significantly more vulnerable. Hackers can access personal as well as admin details through the plugins installed. Make sure you are installing only the plugins that you require and delete the rest.

Clean the Website

You need to clean your website regularly as you are used to doing with your kitchen. If you do not clean it regularly, there are high chances you will be destroyed soon. If you have old plugins or themes that you are no longer using now, go ahead and get rid of it. The messy websites make it very difficult for the security professionals to work if the security of your website is compromised.

You need to be very serious about securing your website. Remember that the above-discussed strategies are not enough to secure your WordPress website. For additional protection, consider firewall installation and hide the names of the authors posting on your website.

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