Six Social Media Marketing Trends In 2021 That Professionals Are Indicating
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Six Social Media Marketing Trends In 2021 That Professionals Are Indicating

Social media platforms are introducing new features and changing algorithms. Social media trends are undergoing an evolution. Consider the Instagram stories- a few years ago, Snapchat was popular due to the disappearing FOMO-inducing contents, but no other features were introduced later.

More than 500 million users are currently using this feature daily on Instagram, and more and more platforms are adding this type of similar feature. The experts from the social media marketing company in the USA and from the other areas have suggested some of the popular social media trends that you will witness in the year 2021-

  • Live Streams And An Increase In The Influencer Contents

Stay at home means that several events got cancelled, and consumers were unable to attend those programs. Even the individuals are not able to socialize with their friends and family members. This leads to the fact that several people tune into the live-streams, whether it is the live-stream or the live videos. On Facebook, live streaming increased to about 50% during the lockdown periods, and on Instagram, live streaming increased to 70%.

  • Brands Are Humanizing

Smart businesses understand that being authentic and transparent, even the most vulnerable, are the smart way for marketing in 2021. People indeed get connected with people through social media platforms. This means that the brand will be personified in a way that will certainly reveal for whom they stand for and what they stand for. Get more faces out there, create more videos, and talk about what matters to them from the core.

  • Inclusivity Is The Main Key In Social Media Marketing

Inclusivity had become a bigger focus in the last year when the Black Lives Matter movement highlighted endemic issues that lingered various societal elements. A study from Accenture revealed that cultural shift towards inclusivity is also impacting buying behaviour. 41% of shoppers are shifting away from the retailers who do not reflect the views on identity and diversity, and 29% are willing to switch from brands completely if they are not showing anything diversified. Brands that are non-inclusive or do not appear to be a part of inclusivity conversation will likely witness impacts in 2021. On the other side, the brands that showcase their involvement in several inclusive causes will take the benefits and make deeper connections with the purchasers.

  • Easy And Understandable Contents 

The year 2020 also showed that people depend on easy-to-consume contents like podcasts that can be consumed on the processor through the newsletters that land directly on the subscribers’ inboxes. Studies show that 55% of Americans now hear the podcasts while the Newsletters low down to 14% during the lockdown.

  • Personality Becomes The Key Factor To YouTube Growth

Online businesses are exploding, and YouTube is not an exception. New channels are coming into existence in the current year. In the middle of the growth, differentiation will be the key to stand out in the huge race and reach ideal customers. YouTube channels are becoming much more personality-centric rather than topical niches.

  • Augmented Reality Is A Popular Trend Nowadays

As with virtual Reality, various recent events have chosen the Augmented Reality or AR that includes social spaces. Augmented Reality does not need to have additional hardware apart from the smartphone, making the process much more accessible than Virtual Reality.

Are You Ready To Stay Up-To-Date With 2021 Social Media Marketing Trends

If you can anticipate the latest social media trends today, you can build a stronger presence online in the upcoming days. If you know what you have to prioritize, it will help your business to take up challenges. For this, it is better to take help from a social media marketer who will help you make a customized SMO plan for your business. In this case, you should choose an expert from Fitser, one of the trusted online marketing agencies, to help you out.

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