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Anna Fardoulis

A random phonecall early this year,selling SEO ,has resulted in building a new website with Fitser on a Magento 2 platform. You are certain to be very important to this company as they have an amazing customer service and positive attitude. The person I dealt with has a very good understanding of common courtesy and working with him has achieved our new website. Patience and kindness are respected by this company and I have no hesitation in recommending Fitser for any digital needs. He is very well mannered and customer orientated in managing projects.I also am extremely satisfied with the web developer. He has been very understanding throughout the project.I am looking forward to the next level , marketing our website and continuing to work with Fister for all our digital needs.
One of the key elements with the person I dealt with and Fister is their ability to provide real customer service. An email is always expected to clarify ongoing progress but with the person I dealt with he always followed up with phone calls to ensure the project went smooth.
I can’t thank this team at Fitser enough and the five star professionalism.It also comes with laughter and takes the stress off our digital working world.
Very Happy Customer!!!

Butyl Tech Waterproofing P/L

Abhishek Sarkar and the team from Fitser got me out of an outdated and expensive website/hosting arrangement
by creating a new website and adjusting it to my needs until I was satisfied.
Fitser are now hosting the site at very competitive rates.
The service was fantastic, and Abhishek responded to all my requests no matter how trivial, I know very little about websites
and hosting and although for me it was daunting, they made the transition seamless.
I have no hesitation in recommending Fitser for all you online needs


I was reluctant to use a web development company for my project since I do some web development work myself. However, after seeing the highly professional work of Fitser, I am convinced that I made the right decision to use Fitser to create my website for the Orlando International Film Festival, the project that will be my legacy and will live in the Film Festival space as one of the most important film festivals in the world. It was very important to me that the website be user friendly and motivate persons in the film industry to select my festival among the thousands available. The Fitser beautiful design has attracted filmmakers from around the world. I cannot express my gratitude for their willingness to listen to my ideas and work diligently to satisfy my desires at all time. I recommend this company to anyone and look forward to working with them on future projects.

Mrs Denise Crisp.

I am a very satisfied customer of Fitser and am thrilled with my very first web site developed for my new business. I am technically challenged and not very familiar with how the internet really works. I use the internet mainly for emails, keeping in touch with family and friends via emails and social media pages like Facebook. I am a 72 year aged pensioner and find it extremely difficult to utilise my mobile phone other than to receive and answer calls. I very rarely text others because I am nervous and not at all confident at trying to learn.
I agreed to go ahead with a contract I could financially afford and actually pay for in instalments rather than a “lump sum” which I couldn’t provide when discussing developing my web site.
Within a week or so I was contacted by Abhishek Sarkar … from the minute he spoke with me he explained what was involved and how he and the team he works with would help me develop a great web site for my new business. I provided Abhishek with information about what I do with vulnerable children and the initial impression he had was I worked in a child care business … he drafted some ideas with captions and pictures of happy children, at a pre school, having fun etcetera, he also set up a header with lovely pictures relating to the same and focused on child care plus there was a testimonial page with nice testimonials from people who recommended my business.
When Abhishek sent me the draft to look at before he called me later I realised my description of what I actually do was very different to what he thought I did, I explained that to him and once he understood he gave me information on how to access pictures of what I wanted to convey to clients who visit my web site. I could follow his directions but had no clue that each picture had a code number, some were of different sizes (I think the called them pixels) but to me all that type of jargon is like me trying to read Latin.
Abhishek quickly realised I was NOT IT savvy and pc illiterate really other than being able to write and receive emails and visit social media venues like Facebook.
Although he quickly realised my abysmal short comings with technology and search engines etcetera he never said a word or discouraged me from learning “how” to access pictures and access and edit content on my web site pages to provide information to potential clients. Abhishek has the patience of a Saint, he walked me through so many simple steps even a 10 yo could do on an iPad without so much as a deep breath, he calmly “walked with me” every step of the way. I was his priority at all times, he new this web site is my dream and he ensured every idea I had and every change I wanted came to fruition.
There is so much more I could say about Abhishek, so many more praises of the “little things” he did during our journey that might not mean much to others but to me meant everything. I can only imagine the amount of frustration he would have felt dealing with me through the process although I never sensed or felt any frustration.
Abhishek is a true professional, a true gentleman, a dedicated man, an exceptional asset and employee of Fitser.
He deserves the highest of accolades from his Management and the Fitser company in my opinion and I would highly recommend him to any and all.
I look forward to working with Abhishek and his colleagues in the future.

Katie McWherter

Recently, I found myself needing an updated website. Mine was very amateur, as I made it myself. I hired FITSER for the job and I was more than satisfied with the finished product. The website was very attractive and professional. They incorporated all of the details I requested and it was done in a timely manner. I was updated and informed through every step of the process. My project manager, Abhishek, and his team are kind, respectful, hardworking individuals. I have been very pleased with FITSER and look forward to doing my marketing work with them! If you need a new website, call FITSER… you won’t be disappointed!

Brian McWherter

Before I tell you why, trust these guys with your website you’ll thank me later. Ok here we go. . . . ( I’d give 10 stars if I could)
My Fitser experience started about 1 year ago when I was contacted by Max from the Fitser website sales team department. He cold called me while I had my hands full working, as I not only own the company, I also work with my team on site everyday.
I initially blew him off, which I now come to realize was a huge mistake. Over the next 12 months he called me a few times to check in, however I did not commit at that time, as I usually don’t answer or entertain cold calls. Fast forward 1 year and Max calls me again.
I recognize he has been calling me for a year with some persistence so I give him a shot. Max is well spoken and if he calls you listen! Trust me it’ll be worth your time. He then got me connected with another gentleman named Aaron.
Aaron is the Operations Manager, or better said, the one that hones in on exactly what you need solution wise, and explains the project scope in such granular detail it’s incredible. This guy Aaron is super committed to the wellbeing of this clients. I’ve never had such VIP treatment from a sales call in my life. I was so impressed with him that I was actually kicking myself for not doing this the previous year. Someone give this guy a bonus, as he is one of your most valuable sales assets bar none.
After Aaron and I hammered out the details of my website and marketing plan (they do it all!!) He told me his Project Manager Sarkar would be in touch.
I felt uneasy being handed off as I had such a great working relationship with Aaron, but low and behold, Abhishek Sarkar blew my mind yet again. This man knows customer service and quality. These are two traits that are lacking in 90% of companies today. Abhishek Sarkar, is hands down the best project manager I could have asked for. He and his team knocked it out of the park at every step of the process. I was blown away, literally. Every step was finished ahead of schedule, and they were amazing.
I would rate this company a 5 star luxury experience and I indeed hope this honest review gains traction not only internally but externally as well.
I Brian McWherter owner of Apex Fencing fully endorse Fitser and all of its services. Give these guys your business I assure your it’s well worth your time and money. Call me as a reference, I can tell you all about it. You wont find a better team to handle your website and marketing solutions.

Robert Bowden

I am very happy with what fitser has done for us Considering I was a bit
sceptical at the start. But after having it all explained to me. I worked
with Abhishek Sarker as my project manager and his team who went out of his
way to help and explain where it was going and where it was at.And the team
at Fitser put it all together which I am very happy with the results.

Alrick V. Warner, Owner, President & CEO, Bass Printing Company.

As a small company, we were looking for a reasonably-priced design team to help us bring to life the website we had in mind.  We wanted a nice, clean, mobile enabled e-commerce site.  We also wanted a well- equipped team that we could work with who was technically competent, knew something about printing and was respectful.
The Fitser team offered the same services as competitors two or three times the expense.  We checked for several months online. Fitser provided examples of their work to back up their claims.  The design elements we required were – at times – specific and unique, and Gurmeet and the Fitser team not only created our vision but provided guidance and insight throughout, leaving us with a finished product better than we had hoped for.
Since coming on board, the team has continued to provide assistance and excellent support after the website launch (www.BassPrinting.com).   This included, but not limited to Google Marketing, SEO optimization, social media integration, improved website functionality, video uploading & hosting, PayPal integration, etc. whenever we need it.
Net, when we choose Fitser we got a wonderful, professional, customer-oriented, cooperative team with innovative ideas, awesome customer service, and exactly what we were looking for. Fitser took the ideas that we had and put them perfectly on the web.  The site looks and functions beautifully and has most certainly had a positive impact on our business!

Matthew Buckley – Thexton Lawyers

The team at Fitser worked quickly to get our website online and provided a step by step guide to manage our expectations. They were easily contactable and were fast to make amendments ensuring our website was delivered on time and on budget. Harry and the Fitser team also helped us by providing valuable market insight to assist us in marketing our online services to the public.
I would not hesitate to recommend Fitser for anyone requiring assistance with building and marketing a corporate website.

Charles Alnave

Hi Gurmeet,

If you are a professional in music and want to claim your place under the sun, you need a professional web space where you can cry out, This professional web space must be built by a professional team of web-designers. So, if you`re looking for a team, I recommend you mine: Fitser. You can deal with that team wherever you are. I`m telling you !
Best regards,
Charles Alnave
Musicien-Chanteur-Auteur-Compositeur & Interprète

Paul Citroner

I have to Thank you for your Professional Service’s in making my website www.beindestructible.net come true..
You’re very detailed & focused in making my site be very informative & Inspiring…
Thank you again Gurmeet Grover..

Chantz Andrus

Hi Arshad,
Thanks for the work done and I really appreciate your help in finishing the website.
It was a great experience working with you and i will always recommend for your work.

Fearn Erika


Thank you for all you have done for me and my business.  You have been great to work with.

Maurice smith

I am very happy with our new website produced by Fitser and especially for the support I received from Sukhwinder (Harry) and his team.I have only good words to say about Harry, his professional attitude and the valued assistance he provided to us throughout the building process of our website.Harries ability to communicate and work with us to achieve a quality website can only be good for our future business.I would recommend anyone to use the services of Fitser to design and build their website.


Just Pets

Great communication, always assisting us with our needs. Awesome to work with and very


Perfection Restumping and Underpinning

Fitser has been great with designing our webpage all the way through. They consistently encouraged the latest designs and tricks to help my website look professional and up to date. Soumo Pratihar, the manager who was dealing with my page, was always always polite and fast on getting the works done. It’s a company i could trust and would definitely recommend to anybody.

Business Grove park Golf Links

Anthony Klumpp
I have no hesitation in recommending Fitser to anyone requiring a web-site.I found them not only to be very professional to deal with but proactive, on time and above all helpful. I’m extremely happy with the work done by Sukhwinder (Harry) and the team of designers and programmers at Fitser, the end result exceeded my expectations.


Helen McConnell Photography

Thank you to Fitser for designing my new website.  Sukhwinder (Harry) in particular was very helpful in ensuring that everything to do with the website was done to my satisfaction.  I also thank Sukhwinder (Harry) for his continued assistance with the website to make sure it’s everything that I had hoped it would be.  I was really happy with the price too as it was less than half of what I was quoted from another company.  I highly recommend Fitser.


I am extremely pleased with the website design done by www.fitser.com. Prior to Fitser’s design, our website was virtually invisible to search engines. Suman (my Project Manager) took our very simple design, added a few twists, and improved our site greatly. Suman’s timely suggestions, professional attitude, and willingness to answer any questions led me to feel very comfortable under his direction. It seemed as if he dropped everything to focus on our needs. We are very confident in recommending Fitser’s web design services to others based upon our positive experience.

Carly Tan

Although I was skeptical, having never outsourced any work to a foreign company, I am so happy to say that I am incredibly impressed with the work Fitser has produced for my business. Not only did Suman and his team put me at ease after our initial phone call, but they were extremely skilled, fast, knowledgeable, flexible, and easy to communicate with. A++, a pleasure to work with. I look forward to collaborating with them again on many future projects.

Ann Cabezas Creed

My company is costaricalearn.com  specializing on Costa Rica Travel.  I employed Fitser to redesign my home page and update my central management system. Also to work SEO to improve the traffic to my web site. Sayantan Chatterjee was assigned to me as project manager. He is knowledgable and well  spoken and takes time to explain everything well.  Now we are in the middle of working on my central management system.  I am happy with the company Fitzer and with Sayantan.  My new Home Page has a beautiful design, and I am proud to present it to the world.

Millard Scherzer

I have had the privilege to work with Suman Sarkar for a while to make what I describe as a blog website that was more than I ever dreamed. Mr. Sarkar was so understanding of my lack of knowledge about websites. He took his time with me and was at my side every time i needed an explanation. More than that, he listened to me when I had ideas to better my site and if he could do it, he got it done.
I am a person that can really be hard to work with. Suman, knew how to relate to the bad side of me and we always ended our conversation on a very high note. I trusted him for everything and when I opened my website, I was more than proud of the outcome. I contribute this to Suman and his hard working crew. My website, mylifeasilivedit.com, is the outcome of Suman Sarkar and his team.
Mr. Sarkar has not stopped there. He is helping me market my website to places I cannot reach. I am proud of our work and I thank Suman and I salute the company that has his services. As an entity looking for the best service for websites, I endorse Suman Sarkar at anything. It was worth the cost and he never hid prices. The man is very smart and he works hard for you. I recommend his talent to anyone.
I thank you again, Suman and I look forward to working with you for a long time!

Grant Cooper

Gary,I just want to tell you how impressed I am with the quality of the logos you sent.Your team is obviously very talented, and your customer service is world class.Again, thank you for all you have done to exceed my expectations.
CARW President Career Coaching Magazine
Strategic Resumes & Business Plans

Sharen Smith

If you are looking for qualitative services Fitser is someone whom you can trust even with your eyes closed.

Stephan Ranfer

What led me to decide to work with this freelancer was the initial questions in the project phase.He asked the right question and showed the quite some knowledge,not only on the project matter itself,but also the adjoining,off-topic matters.This made me feel comfortable.And it showed to be true.will hire again when I have an additional project.

Tony Reynolds

This was a more difficult job than the programmer expectd and took longer than estimated.However,he kept at it and completed the job.I believe that perseverance when things are difficult is a valuable quality.

Louise DeMartin

Starship Cruises Pty Ltd

Rakesh and his team have been wonderful in helping me produce a new website, very modern and interactive, I pad and I phone compatible with the ability to allow my colleagues to change our website any time we need to.
I can highly recommend Rakesh for a difficult job well done. And I will add, at a very reasonable price. Thank you again

John Clark

It is my outmost satisfaction that I found an organisation like Fitser which has been more than useful.

Clara Ryan

Perfection and quality are the two domineering factors that has taken Fitser to the crest.

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