The Significance Of Web 2.0 In SEO
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The Significance of Web 2.0 in SEO

One can term the advent of Web 2.0 as an evolution in the brief history of website services. Originally in the web 1.0, the website pages were static and one could use it for reading purposes only. With the advanced version of web 2.0, the web pages became dynamic. Web 2.0 brought a massive change in the way people communicate about pictures, articles and blogs.

Whatever we are currently using like Facebook posts or Twitter posts, we are using the advanced functionalities of web 2.0. We can share the contents on our as well as upon others’ profile pages. Because of web 2.0, the internet users can interact with other users. Earlier it was limited to leaving comments only. Examples of web 2.0 websites are social media accounts, video sharing sites and blog sites.

Still now the significance of web 2.0 upon general functionalities of web pages has been discussed. However, there is another aspect of web 2.0 which is chiefly concerned with SEO or search engine optimisation.

Main goal of SEO is to hike the rank of your website or web pages so that the audience could find your site in the top 10 list of the search engine result page or the SERP. Ultimately, the aim is to gain more business profit which could be chiefly gained by earning more visitors.

Web 2.0 functionalities have paved the way for advancing the SEO or digital marketing processes. At present, online world’s best trend is ecommerce sites. When quality contents are written and posted for ecommerce sites, more and more people share them at their social-media profiles. Thus, more audience are acquainted with the products or the services offered by the ecommerce site.

Web 2.0 features have made it possible for people to naturally market the products and services of the parent ecommerce site. It has greatly helped in enhancing digital marketing services through the net audience.

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