Things You Wanted To Know About Web App And Cloud App
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Things you wanted to know about Web App and Cloud App

A mobile application is an essential tool in the current times because we have become habituated to its use for satisfying our daily and occasional needs. In recent years, apps have helped the business to double their sales, in the optimization of business processes, enhancement of communication channels, assortment of vital analytics and many more. So it is no more surprising that apps are an integral part of our daily online existence.

On the other hand, web apps are constantly on the rise with time. At the same time, it was stated by Forbes that by the end of 2020, 82% of the workload would shift on the cloud. In other words, web apps and cloud apparel are in high competition in the race of popularity. Hence, to understand both web apps and cloud app completely, take a look at the following points.

Web apps

Web apps take the help of web technology and a web browser to work on the tasks over the internet. A web-based application can only function on a web browser, which means it needs to be connected to the internet all the time to operate efficiently.

Advantages of web apps

It is needless to say that there are numerous advantages of web apps, but the most strong points are:

  1. It can be accessed through any place and through any web browser.
  2. It provides the users to use them without downloading it, which removes the need for any hard drive space.
  3. Web apps need less support and maintenance from the developer’s side and low requirements from the user’s end.
  4. People can access web apps easily if the browser is compatible.
  5. Web apps can also run in multiple platforms irrespective of the operating system or device, allowing them to be cross-platform compatible.
  6. They can be updated and maintained without the need to reinstall them on thousands of devices. It reduces the cost from the developer’s end and makes it easy for users from the user’s end.
  7. Client information is not stored; hence, the data servers of the enterprise must recover and check the information.

That is why companies hire web application development company in USA to make web apps for their company.

Cloud Apps

Many developers consider cloud app as an evolved web app. However, for an app to be a cloud app, it must have the following features.

  1. Data will be kept remotely in a cloud or in a cloud-like infrastructure.
  2. Cloud apps can be used by a web browser as well as installed on devices by an internet connection on a computer, smartphone etcetera.
  3. Cloud apps provide numerous services to meet the user’s needs like storage, security, backup etcetera.
  4. Also, data must be cached locally so that it can support full offline mode.
  5. It should support various user requirements through customization.

Yahoo, Microsoft and Google are popular cloud apps. Apart from these common examples, Dropbox, Salesforce, NetSuite, Zoho, Evernote and many other cloud apps are there in the online world.

Benefits of cloud apps

The main aim of cloud apps is to ensure that users can work conveniently. Hence, the advantages of cloud apps include:

  1. Users get the chance to customize on-demand services for satisfying personal needs and requirements.
  2. There is a minimum management effort or service provider interaction.
  3. Here, customers do not buy the software but pay for the services they provide.
  4. Even if a consumer does not install software on the servers, still the functionalities of the app can be used without any hindrance.
  5. Offers broad computing capabilities, online as well as in offline mode.

Hence, developers and service providers will need to combine the advantages of different technologies to meet the customer’s needs. With web apps and clouds apps, we can achieve many goals now that which was impossible before.

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