Tips To Follow To Help Your Blog Look Visually Appealing
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Tips to Follow to Help Your Blog Look Visually Appealing

You take up several measures to make your social media posts appealing. Right? What about the blog posts? Do you simply put in word after word without considering whether the post is looking visually appealing or not?

Before you post a blog, think whether the potential visitors will stop by your blog and have a look at the content. If your blog does not appeal the targeted audience, you will never be able to achieve your goal.

As pointed out by a blog marketing ideas aficionado, your blog needs to be like a chocolate cake, something nobody can wait to devour. Here is the recipe.

Design Navigation

Navigation is one of the most significant aspects of designing a website. Navigation is regarded as much an art as science wherein the designers cannot afford to opt for a default solution. Blog navigation is somewhat complex in nature as there are multiple goals.

• Users cannot afford missing out anything new

• Users must know where they can find the content they are on the lookout for

• After the users find the content, they must be able to find the similar posts.

• Proper navigation is must to reach these objectives.

Present Information in Easy-to Consume Format

Remember that the readers prefer to go through your content as soon as possible. You need to make the content readable. Though a pattern or a colourful background looks good, it hampers the readability of the text. Make the font clear and simple. Use a font colour and typeface that is easily readable. Do not dismiss the old black and white just because it has been in use since years. It was classic for a reason. To help your information be easily readable.

• Use bold and outlines

• Avoid grammatical mistakes

• Use responsive design

Add Images

One of the best ways to make a blog visually appealing is addition of images and illustrations. You can click pictures yourself and add them to the website. They need not be a work of art. Nobody will judge the quality of the images. You simply need to use images that explain your post. If you have an illustrator or photographer in your family or the friends group, great! Else, use your keyword, find free images and post them. Make sure to check the copyright before publishing them.

If you concentrate on your audience and their needs, you will be able to attract a loyal base of customers who eagerly wait for your blog to be published. All the best!

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