Top 3 Rules To Improve The User Engagement Of Your Mobile App
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Top 3 Rules to Improve the User Engagement of your Mobile App

Some years before, webmasters used to complain about short-lived attention of website audience. However, if they had inkling about how the scenario is going to change once mobile devices come to play into action, they would have been more patient with their desktop audience. Compared to the mobile audience, it was a piece of cake to handle their desktop counterparts.

Are you suffering from concentration deficit syndrome?

Recent researches have proven that people are rapidly losing their power of attention, thanks to their overtly digitised lifestyle. Compared to the average 12 seconds concentration span that humans used to have even before 50 to 60 years ago, at present, people can no longer concentrate more than 8 seconds at a stretch. Sadly, the attention period of a Goldfish is 1 second more than that of a modern human.

How to improve your app engagement?

Main mantra to improve your app engagement is to be up and close with your audience. Personalised interaction with audience of mobile devices is very important. Next important thing is to make a clever segmentation of your audience. Please do not think that it is enough to mention the names of your audience in emails- this is not enough closeness. They want you to know their aspirations from you.

3 fundamentals to improve your mobile app engagement

1.How much do you know them?

Before you know them, you need to study your audience thoroughly. Make segments of your audience and study the patterns of their activities at your app platform. Appropriate response to their preferences and interests is a crucial thing.

There are many tools in the market to analyse the activity pattern of your audience. For making deeper segmentation, you can install these plugins or extensions with your CRM. At present, most of the internet audience prefer mobile devices to access the online shops and that is why, installing the plugins to unravel their activity pattern is a good idea.

2.Do you converse at the right time?

Tracking the real-time interaction of audience with your mobile app is a good idea to study their past and present behaviour pattern. Some important mobile-engagement features are to communicate your ideas via banners and messages and you may also conduct surveys wherein you could gain significant insights about the objectives of your audience behind their visits.

3.Are your contents meaningful?

One of the most significant aspects of mobile engagement is to create contextual contents. You need to know the level reached by them in their search-journey and information in relation with their physical locations and demographics. After taking all these information into account, you could optimise your personalised approach. These steps are immensely important in the world of Mobile App Development after all, the objective behind the pains undertaken to develop an app is to increase your business.

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