Top 3 Tips To Enhance The Email Delivery Rate
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Top 3 Tips to Enhance the Email Delivery Rate

Good email marketing is one of the fundamental methods to get more successful business. Digital marketing experts suggest many ways to customise emails so as to attract more potential customers. Compelling call-to-actions attract more readers to click-through at your website. However, if your emails are not reaching at the customer inbox then all efforts get spoiled.

One should improve email delivery process with best practices. This is very important for both your organisation’s bottom line and marketing efforts. Top 3 tips to ensure your email delivery operation are as follows:

1.Cleaning up of old email list

You can find out the reason why your emails are experiencing an increased bounce rate if you take a deeper look towards your list. Most of the email service providers will allow you to segment the list on the basis of email activity. That is why; you must remove the inactive subscribers who for the past 1 month have not seen your emails. In addition, you should clean up your email list of the bounced addresses. Expert digital marketers suggest cleaning up this list after every 2 months.

2.Double opt-in option for new subscribes

Some websites offer single opt-in option when you want to sign up for newsletter or check your online shopping account. Experts say that it is a risky way to build a contact list. Because people would not realise that you are allowing them to be included in your subscription list and some may term your email as a spam or may use bogus addresses that may immediately bounce. That is why, it is suggested to follow the spam laws that need you to go for double opt-ins or sign up proof to strengthen your position.

3.Select a sending schedule

The process of establishing a good email reputation requires hard work. One should send the emails after regular intervals. Sticking with a consistent schedule is a good practice. Veteran digital marketers suggest that one should send an email every week and not less than an email per month.

It is expected that if you follow these rules in consistent manner then it would help you to increase the email delivery rate. If your present email service provider does not provide you the facility of automated follow-up emails then it is better to go for a new service provider.

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