Top 3 Tips To Fuel Your Business Revenue Through Social Media
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Top 3 Tips to Fuel your Business Revenue through Social Media

Keeping an interesting social-media account is good to raise the engagement level of your customers. However, do you know that you can also drive in more ROI for your business with the help of social-media channels? Herein, the discussion will focus upon top 3 tips to fuel your business revenue with the help of social-media.

1.Offer rewards to customers who go for more frequent purchases:

Both the products and the services sectors could reap in more revenue by encouraging the customers to make more purchases, more frequently. However, for the services sector, it might be a little difficult to allure customers compared to what it is for the manufacturers dealing in products.

Services sector could bank upon premium offers, upgrades and add-on services to get return customers. But in order to encourage them to spend more, you should offer exclusive deals to the followers of your social-media accounts. The selection of course will be based upon the buying frequency.

2.Give incentives to customers for spending more with every purchase:

Every business man should have the goal of enhancing the spending limits of customers. Suppose, you have found that the spending limits of 45% of your client base is $100. Then, fix a target to raise it to $140 to $150 on average. You may target your social-media followers to offer discounts like that of $25 off on $100 purchase. In their effort, they will spend more to reach the $100 mark. Service industries could promote package deals to their social-media followers.

3.Combine the offers of email marketing:

Regarding website contents, there are mainly 2 types. The one that says about your company and the other that gives general information to your audience about a particular subject in relation with your business. As per the general rule, 20% of the content should be in relation with your company and the rest should focus upon helping your customers with more information loaded content.

As a business owner, you should know why would your customer be interested to buy your offers? Then you must know how to convert a successful purchase to the sales funnel. This information will strengthen your knowledge base and in future you will be able to successfully raise your business revenue with the help of social-media channels.

You may reach for the services of the best social-media marketer to enhance your ROI. It will methodically follow the processes. After all, raising the business revenue is only a matter of habit.

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