Top 4 Tips To Build Links Without Writing Content
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Top 4 Tips to Build Links without Writing Content

For the starters, ‘safe backlinks’ can be accrued only by spending hours in producing content.

It is hard to deny that content is connected with link building. However, there are several online marketing strategies occupying a significant position and content is not the prime necessity in building links.

Content Marketing certainly makes the job of the link builders very easy but there are several other ways to build links without framing fresh content. Let us take a look at them.

Get Listed in the Product and Business Based Directories

There are multiple business and product based directories. Get listed in some of the high-quality ones. You can easily get yourself listed in the business categories since anyone can do that. For the product based directories, it is better to search for the categories in the relevant niche.

Participate in Forum

Forums include content no doubt but the type of content you see here is significantly different from the content present in other platforms. Individual opinion takes up a dominant position here. Active participation in the forums cast a significant impact on the search engine result pages as it helps to build quality backlinks. Apart from building links, it helps with relationship building as well as creating interaction with the other bloggers.

Create Quality Infographics

When you create an infographic, your prime goal is to promote it through others, giving them additional traffic, links as well as authority. Infographics play a significant role in attracting high-quality links. You can observe the following steps to build links.

• Brainstorm

• Undertake research

• Develop concept

• Design

• Edit

• Publish

Remember that uploading and publishing the infographic on your website is not enough. Make it easy to share!

Host Contests

Do you know which contests perform the best? The contests that give away service or products.

Competitions can attract links from the authoritative websites of various domains. You can also use the contests as a mode for data collection, asking the entrant to share their email address.

Quality backlinks are not possible to be built in a day. It needs time and patience. Be patient and implement the above-discussed strategies to be successful.

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