Top 5 Most Popular Mobile Apps With Material Design
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Top 5 Most Popular Mobile Apps with Material Design

Material Design is the core of Google’s Android platform (and it is becoming increasingly for the rest of Google’s universe, and especially from Chrome OS to the Web at large). Even if you do not think about it, the standards for designs have been introduced with Android 5.0 are becoming a main part of your tablet or smartphone experience.

Once you start getting a taste of Material Design for Android the consistent style that it brings to your apps, mobile devices with older web design styles. However, not to fear: beyond the fundamentals that come with every Android phone like Google Drive, Gmail and the likes – there are many other attractive things.

Pocket Casts

An enjoyable interface with a bright display is the main features of Pocket Cast that enhances the podcasting experience. It is stacked with features that include cross device synchronising with the preferences and needs of customers. However, it is still very much user-friendly.

Relay for Reddit

This app is for the fans of Reddit. Relay for Reddit has brought this popular social site into an eye-catching Material Design-themed format that transforms it as a fun medium to read from any mobile device.


FeedlyReader is minimalist in nature but it is a powerful RSS reader that displays the latest stories from Feedly account upon a clear card-based layout. Its configurable swipe shortcuts are wonderful that helps to open articles quickly at Link Bubble or it marks them as read without leaving behind the main story list.


Paperboy is a worthy app for having a more magazine-like reading experience like that of RSS feeds. The Feedly is synced with a great interface so that you can follow your favourite feeds, embedded with smooth animations and large images surrounded by colourful elements of Material Design. It can even read stories via loud audio to you, when you want to catch up your articles while on move.

Flyne, the Offline Reader

Flyne puts its unique touch upon Material Design along with a card layout that keeps large images and an in-app browser that makes content consistently amazing. The app offers the feature to see articles from Twitter or Feedly, both online and offline. However, you will have to spend a 99-cent in-app upgrading for adding your own sources.

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