Web Design Trends To Enhance The Growth Of Your Business.
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Top 7 Web Design Trends to Help Your Business with an Edge in 2019

Several predictions were made for digital marketing, including web designing, in 2019. The first quarter of the year is through and a lot of those predictions have proven to be true.

As a capable and well-known Web Design and Development Company in Canada, we are aware of these developments. We also believe one needs to be familiar enough to use them for the advantage of businesses.

We have been helping businesses and have gained a clear understanding of the market. We would like to extend our knowledge. Hence, our team of exceptional and brilliant professionals have compiled this list showcasing the top 7 web designing trends proving successful in the first quarter of 2019.

The various trends you need to keep an eye on, for the rest of the year are:

1. Mobile First is Integral to any Business

The mobile first indexing process was first introduced in 2018 by Google. Since then, the trend is growing. So, giving much importance to the mobile version of a website has become the norm. It has given much power to the mobile-friendly website design trend.

2. Speed is and Always will be a Crucial Factor

Studies have proven that a user decides whether to stay and explore a website or leave in just 3 seconds. This means the website needs to be visible and accessible to the user within those few seconds. Hence, speed is a crucial factor in gaining the edge.

3. Growing Importance of Personalized Illustration

Statistics says that the effect of illustration on a visitor is 7 times better than ordinary photography. In 2019, personalized illustration is proving to be more effective and powerful than abstract text for a website.

4. Meteoric Growth of the CSSS3 Animation Component

The use of animated components has been growing rather rapidly in the last two years and 2019 is not an exception. CSSS3 technology has made websites more vivid and easy to use.

5. Full-screen Video Background to add Dynamic Aspects

Instead of using static, moving objects have proven to be more successful in grabbing the attention of a visitor. Keeping this in mind, dynamic videos are now being used in the background of websites. It is helping users to understand the business with more ease.

6. Minimalism is Back, but that Does not mean Simplistic

The practice of minimalism is back. Using simple and less number of user interface elements have been paying off lately.

7. Responsive Design is the Crux of the Matter

It’s been quite a few years since responsive web designing has become integral to the website creation process as a whole. Due to the popularity of mobile websites, a business needs to use this technology to remain ahead of the competition.

Using these tools and trends will keep your business ahead of the competition. Hence, we have a team of experienced and highly-capable professionals who can help. At Fitser, you never have to worry about losing the charm and touch.

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