Top ECommerce Personalization Tactics For Increasing Your Conversion Rate
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Top eCommerce personalization tactics for increasing your conversion rate

Happy to see lots of traffic to your eCommerce website? Well, the work doesn’t stop there. One of the factors which attract visitors to an eCommerce website and converts them into a customer is a stunning, user-friendly design. In the current crowded digital platform, competition is fierce and achieving the loyalty of a new customer is essential to maximize ROI out of your acquisition marketing.

Therefore, what are the ways to reduce bounce rate and friction for converting the new visitors?

Keep reading to find out the eCommerce personalization tactics which every digital marketing services in USA follow to ensure maximum conversions through the website.

Dynamic banner

It needs to be understood that banner is the first thing which a visitor sees after entering your online store. The banner should be regarded as the headline of your website, and that should be able to grab the attention of the visitor with just one look. Hence, it is your responsibility to check whether the banner in your eCommerce website is attractive enough to get the attention of the potential customer. The banner of a website must be transformed into a dynamic content which gives the opportunity to impress the new visitors and trigger their interest to make a purchase from the website.

Also, remember that contextual data is very important for transforming a visitor into a customer. Hence, it is recommended to personalize your banner with product recommendations which match with the current weather in the visitor’s location as well as provide delivery details customized to the visitor’s country and local currency.

Product recommendations

Even in the very earlier times, product recommendations was one of the tactics to make a sale. It is still a great way to make a conversion in the digital age. It is said that product recommendations can generate a sales increase of 11% to the minimum.

Actually, product recommendations is a sly way to nudge the visitors into buying an item or service which they wanted to buy but were not aware of the existence of a better and suitable alternative in the market. Often attractive recommendations lead to conversions which were not meant to happen otherwise. For instance, someone thinking about buying an earphone visits an eCommerce website; while checking a particular earphone of a brand, he comes across another headset with the same features but with a discount. Recommendations like this tempt a casual visitor to become a customer. In other words, personalizing recommendations is a fantastic idea to make conversions.

Social proof

Well, it is a good thing if the visitor has reached the product page, but simultaneously you need to encourage the visitor to make it to their shopping cart. In such scenarios, social proof acts as a catalyst to prevent bouncing off before adding the items in the cart. Hence, including User Generated Content or UGC to convince the visitor by showing how the products can perfectly fit in their life as it has happened in the case of others.

According to research, one in two customers check the ratings and reviews before moving onto their shopping cart. They will do extensive research to compare the items before making a purchase. In that case, it is essential to ease the purchase anxiety of the visitor by highlighting customer satisfaction with actual reviews and ratings.

In the end, adding a countdown timer speeds up the purchasing process so that the visitor does not get distracted by any other thoughts. A countdown timer alerts the customers regarding a deadline of discount or a delivery benefit deadline which cannot be availed if the purchase is not made within a few minutes. In this way, a purchase process can be made successful, and you will be able to decrease the chance of bounce rate.

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