Top Four Website Development Trends That Rules 2020
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Top Four Website Development Trends that Rules 2020

Every year, you can see lots of changes in the field of web development. The trends keep on changing with new and modified ones. The same goes for this year as well. Various websites trends are witnessed by web developers this year. This is why web app development in the USA and other parts of the world is also changing. More and more web developers are accepting these trends to bring a new change in the website development strategies.

In This Blog, You Will Come To Know About The Top Website Development Trends That Are Probably Popular In 2020.

  1. HTTP/3

The HTTP/3 is said to be the latest HTTP version protocol we all are familiar with. The HTTP/3 is the significant leap from HTTP/2 as because HTTP/3 is built on the UDP-Based QUIC protocol, which means quick UDP Internet Connection, while the HTTP/2 is based on the TCP or the Transmission Control Protocol. As the name suggests, QUIC is the faster protocol. It is lighter, simpler, and also efficient in its function. Thus, it is one of the most advanced website development trends people see in the year 2020.

  1. Bots and AI

Chatbots are always everywhere these days. They are trending on the web as well as on mobile devices. Along with the help of an AI-powered natural language processing system, the chatbots are becoming smarter than ever. If you look some years back, these chatbots only offered strict preprogrammed conversations that used to solve some problems. But, these days, chatting with the Bot makes you feel that you are chatting with a human being.

  1. WebAssembly 

Javascript is useful, but it has lots of faults. One of the particular problems that Javascript has is its performance. It is the same issue for all the interpreted programming languages being used. But, WebAssembly is the latest method to reduce all these faults. The best thing about this programming language is that it is totally new. You can write in the language that you want and compile the files to the WASM to run in the browsers.

  1. Motion UI Design Trends 

The use of Motion UI is said to be one of the biggest trends in website design and development. Motion UI means that adding action to the web pages. It does not only have the visuals, but micro-interactions are also present in the form of animations. The responsive gestures help the visitors to understand the meaning behind each one of the elements present in the web page.

These are some of the popular website development trends you see in this year. If you want to make your website following the latest website development trends, you must choose a web application development company in the USA that provides the best services to the clients.

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