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Top Web Development Trends that You Should Keep an Eye on for Better Market Analysis

Website development as a process has changed and evolved significantly in the last few decades that it has been in existence. As a website owner or even business owner, it is essential to remain aware of these evolutions and changes. Having all the necessary information will help you select and hire the exemplary web development service and boost your business considerably. If your business fails cannot keep up with the present and anticipated trends, there will be issues with the website performance, which will give an edge to your competitors. If your website is performing poorly, you will lose traffic, impacting the overall business performance and profit earning.

The top web development trends explained in nutshells 

Remaining in competition is necessary for your business. For that, you need to maintain the website according to the ongoing trends. The anticipated web development trends that are to rule the market in the coming years are as follows:

Progressive web apps or PWAs 

PWAs are not new to the market, but they are about to replace web apps due to the latest changes and evolution. Progressive web apps almost eliminate the website loading time and work offline in apps like Google Maps. Various companies such as Uber, Pinterest, Starbucks, Twitter are already using PWAs. According to the available data, 65% of the online shopping done in 2019 was done via smartphone. With the increased use of mobile devices for performing various online tasks, it has become essential to replace web apps with PWAs. This will offer an unmatched user experience and reduced development cost, and seamless maintenance for the provider. HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Angular, React, and more languages will be used for writing PWAs.

Artificial intelligence chatbots 

Artificial intelligence has been influencing and managing the market for quite some time and becoming more sophisticated by the minute. Hence, the usage of AI in other areas is inevitable, and AI chatbots are one of the various examples of such development. These chatbots are becoming more sophisticated and capable of meeting the requirements of the customers. They have started to understand customer queries and behaviours with the help of machine learning, natural language processing, and information retrieval techniques. Therefore, when a web development company creates a chatbot, it comes with all these features and abilities. Along with assisting companies to perform their operations faster with the help of vice and text chats, AI chatbots are improving customer experience significantly. With the ability to collect data, answer frequently asked questions, and solve several other issues, the chatbots offer a seamless digital experience to the customers, further boosting the company’s impression.

Accessible mobile page 

When first launched by Google back in 2015, accelerated mobile page or AMP, no one thought, it would become as integral to the functioning of every website in the way it has today. At that time, AMP was designed to bring a lightning-fast digital experience to the users. Today, along with offering a seamless user experience and a reduced bounce rate, Google AMP can improve core business metrics in various ways. Though other similar technologies are getting introduced to the market, AMP is still the most popular mobile technology in use.

Single-page applications 

Considered amongst the most significant recent web development trends, single-page applications of SPAs are web applications based on JavaScript. Its job is to load a single HTML page in the visitor’s browser and dynamically update the content as required. The whole process is conducted without the need to refresh the page. Google and social media giants Facebook and Twitter are already using SPAs. The rest of the development community is adapting the technology slowly but surely. According to the developers, SPAs are cost-effective and easy to create. Moreover, they take up less space on servers while providing information on a single page. In short, they are beneficial for both developers and visitors. In search of more speed and efficiency, SPAs are to remain crucial for the development community.

Optimized voice search 

Voice search, the facility, was first introduced by Google in 2011. Since then, this facility has grown exponentially, both in use and in popularity. There are now intelligent voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and more. According to the data, voice assistants have shown unprecedented growth in 2019. Hence, it is natural to anticipate that the growth will continue in the coming years. Keeping this trend in mind, more tech giants are joining the industry, and they are bringing new products, such as Google Home, Apple HomePod, and more. The creation of these voice assistants is happening to meet consumer demand. It is predicted that by 2022, at least 55% of the households in the world will have one voice assistant or the other. To the consumers, these devices are not smart speakers; they have additional functions and implications. They are also using smartphones and other IoT devices for voice search. Due to this, voice search results are getting higher ranks on the search engine result pages. Hence, companies are bound to revisit and restructure their content strategy to fit the voice search parameters.

Motion UI 

Today’s consumer is not satisfied with only faster and mobile-friendly digital experiences. They are looking for more interactive experiences. Due to this demand of the consumers, Motion UI has become so popular in recent times. It is a front-end framework that allows developers to create a fully responsive website and mobile application as per their project and client requirements. There will be some predefined motions within the developed interfaces or native app settings. Based on this facility, making different elements slide, bounce, spin, and more will be possible. The technology is compatible with all web technologies and can be used anywhere within the website, bringing further convenience. Though Motion UI technology has been in use since 2018, the notion has become more accessible due to SASS and has become integral to web development.

A simple picture for the future 

These are some of the most interesting and popular web development trends in the market at present. It is pretty clear from the present scenario that they will remain equally crucial for the web development community in the coming years. For more information on the topic or to hire necessary services to revamp your website, please get in touch with Fitser. They will be able to assist.

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