What Is New About Video Marketing In 2019?
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What is New About Video Marketing in 2019?


It is very rare to come across a post that tells you about the latest marketing trends. Even though it is true that some websites do share every new marketing trend but that is really less. However, it is also true that as a marketer it is necessary to question every trend so that you can know the benefits associated with it. There are also trends that stay for a very short time and then fade away quickly.

Here are some of the video trends that you should keep an eye for in the year 2019.


Videos will become a mode of shopping

Recently a new trend that is picking up steam is shopping videos. Are you confused? Well, videos that are used as ads featuring links to services and products within the world of the video. Snapchat and Instagram stories are the right examples of shopping videos plus it is nothing less than a sophisticated technique. It is natural to predict that you will be able to buy the products or even get links to them from a video. You will be easily able to find more about the product by touching it when the video is playing on your feed. It can be the same case when reviewing a smartphone on a YouTube video. Today, hiring a digital marketing company means they will use this technique as a part of their social media marketing services.

360-degree video technology will rise

There is no doubt about the fact that there has been a recent rise in 360-degree video technology in social media forums. The most popular 360-degree videos can be seen about traveling, musical concerts, sports games as well as iconic tourist destinations. There are high chances of a futuristic immersive video style that will be seen more in the year 2019. Also, AR and VR will also be seen more in numbers this year. Even though it is not easy to produce such videos but it will be a great way to set apart the marketing of the product in the contemporary times. This is a part of social media marketing services in USA happeningin the current times.

1:1 video experience won’t stop

It is not new news that Google hangouts, as well as Zoom, are continuously improving the video experiences when one person is talking to another in life. People talking to each other through videos won’t decrease but it will be more convenient in 2019. The technical support that is required for one to one video communication will also improve to a great extent in the upcoming days.

Vlogging will rise

Well, you have obviously heard about vlogging because this is one of those genres of making a video where there is a bit of fun and spice that you will find hard to ignore. Today, YouTube is more popular because it has provided a platform for vloggers to share their ideas through video in a more unrestricted way. Furthermore, today we not only have YouTube but also Instagram, Snapchat as well as other social media platforms for vloggers to post their unique videos. Furthermore, the feature of live streaming also provides the vloggers with the scope diversifying the genre of their content that they represent by their channels.

The above-mentioned points can add a great benefit when it comes to promoting a product or service directly or indirectly. Imagine how it will help you in taking your brands close to your target audience without any hindrance.

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