Why Should Startups Select The Cloud Technology?
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Why should Startups Select the Cloud Technology?

Concept of cloud technology is unclear to many. People get confused what they should include and what not within the cloud domain. Many experts of this industry opine that people should put inside the cloud virtually everything. In fact, for the startups, the cloud domain opens up a vast pool of resources. They could access as much resources as that of other big corporations. However, to implement the new technology, you must at first be certain of why you should use it. Selection of the choice gets a bit troubled when we focus our attention towards the technical articles published in journals and newspapers that generally miss out the main point that is business benefits of cloud technology.

Business benefits of cloud technology

1.Flexibility: Startups that do not implement cloud technology develop anticipatory plans to create a future projections of the extent of business growth. As per that, probable budgets are allocated to support the modules. For meeting the immediate needs, business people could easily avail the cloud services. If the business takes off, the entrepreneurs have the flexibility to scale up the business. They are standing just few phone calls away to take their business at the highest reaches.

After giving focus upon cloud’s ability to scale up a business, we may turn our attention towards its ability to scale it down. Starups and new things are synonymous. The business depends upon experimentation and stretch. When a particular venture does not rise up as expected, one may scale it down as easily as unsubscribing it.

2.Security: One of the common misconceptions is that keeping sensitive matters on cloud is risky. Something as sensitive as intellectual property rights should be kept within the premises.

This misconception is similar to what people had around a century ago. If someone would have received millions of dollars in cash then the safest place according to him would have been a hidden underground closet. He wo1uld not have put trust upon banks ability to safely store the money.

Let us think about its technical equivalent called the cloud technology. Giants like Google and Amazon are stashing resources within the cloud and in the event of a security breach, they offer much better and swifter fixup of the problem than any startup could ever imagine.

Compared to that, startups require months to recognise a security breach let alone fixing it up. Cloud offers a secure experience with prompt detection of the cyber attack and solve it swiftly without the company size. Web Hosting via cloud service is a more secured option than local premises.

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