The Best Node.js Development Trends For 2020
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The Best Node.js Development Trends For 2020


There is no doubt about the fact that modern software development sector is highly affected by the artificial intelligence as well as JavaScript language in the current times. There is a good chance that the demand for full-stack developers will be always high not only in the coming year but also in the years coming ahead.

Furthermore, it is a popular knowledge that Node.js is a blend of helpers, libraries as well as different other tools which aids in creating and controlling enhances web applications. In other words, Node.js provides a strong arena to construct a tough web platform plus provide security to your online presence at the same time.

In actuality, the fast growth and development in the Node.js development shows that a number of frameworks that are based on Node.js are expected to dominate the year 2020. This is an interesting topic which the reputed companies of web app development in Canada are currently thinking on in the present moment. Check the points given below.


Many do not know that this is a very user-friendly and even a simplistic Node.js framework that is full-stack as well as very much compatible with Android, iOS or Desktop. It should be noted that the application development of the Meteor.js is not only easy and simple but also has the ability to serve big projects. The industry has witnessed a huge increase in this framework since its inception in 2018.


This is a very powerful platform that is flexible as well as fast simultaneously. Moreover, it comes with various powerful assortments of features for the web and even for the application development for smartphones. This framework is loaded with an API that allows its users to receive and send requests plus it simplifies the coordination between the database and the frontend. Also, it provides for the developers to work efficiently and easily without encountering any hassles.


Well, this is but a smaller version yet at the same time it has a strong and expressive foundation builder that benefits the APIs and the web application at the same time. One of its main qualities is that it is highly flexible and it even allows you to structure the parts in any way you want. It has a better user base as well as it has 28K Github stars. The basic needs of this framework are node v7.6.O or advanced ES2015 and even async function support. It is a lightweight framework that makes it easy and flexible to use, ensuring fast development.


This is a kind of framework that offers to build an application with high scalability. Including a tough base of TypeScript plus it is highly inspired by Angular in its aspects. Also, Nest.js has a simple interface flexible usage base and even requires less downtime compared to other relevant choices in the domain. It is also compatible with JavaScript libraries and Node.js servers simultaneously.


Significant aspects that is making Node.js 2020 ready


One must understand that the specialists who have been working in the domain for a very long time will have a fantastic base of successful projects plus the client base are content to work with the framework and even acknowledge the framework to make the work simpler.


As the services are performance-based, therefore it can influence the execution speed as well as the scalability of the project positively. Furthermore, a significant advantage is that only the affected code is required to be changed as compared to changing the whole coding structure.

Hardware free solution and serverless

A fantastic feature of Node.js is that it removes the factors like server maintenance and hardware from the performance determining factors. It not only saves the expense but also consumes less time, which amplifies the productivity and efficiency of the developers and of the institutions using the framework.


Microservices by Node.js is very useful in the app development process and web application. Moreover, it offers fantastic support for a serverless method as well as proves great effectiveness in the big projects.

Real-time apps

It must be understood that real-time apps like food delivery apps and other similar apps like Google Docs are used regularly. All these apps demand quality backend when the need for strong processing arises. In such scenarios, Node.js provides a great solution in the form of support for sufficing these needs for the WebSockets protocol.

In the end, one must understand that Node.js is gaining momentum for its amazing features as well as its efficiency. Since the framework is showing good growth, it is being used by an increasing number of global brands in the current times.


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